Sell on Etsy with Smart SEO

When you hear SEO (search engine optimization), do you get a little nervous and intimidated? Does it seem too complicated to even attempt to implement? There are so many articles out there and some gurus just make it way too complicated. It does not have to be. That's why I'm going to be very specific and explain how to optimize your Etsy listings.

If you want your product to show up on the first page of Etsy, then there are some things you need to be doing. And you know what? They don’t cost a thing. 

Sell on Etsy with Smart SEO

Let’s start with tagging. Do you know how important smart tagging is? Well, it’s super, duper important. Your title tag, image alt tag, and h1 (item title) are what Etsy uses to pull your item into the search area. So, you don’t want to be too creative and crazy by using the language that YOU are using when it comes to descriptions. It sounds weird, but what you need to do is go into the minds of your dream shopper and use those keywords. 

Create and Craft

Your product description’s are also very important to get you up there. It’s important to be obvious and descriptive. So, if you sell dream catchers, don’t just put “dream catcher” in your description section. Be more obvious and pinpoint exactly what it is. Think of every single detail you could possible put in there. Use every singe scenario or search your dream shopper could be using. 

If you are totally stumped on what keywords to use or even investigate, Etsy actually helps you out here. Go to your search bar and start to type in your keyword and Etsy will start populating it’s most searched for words.

For example, if I search boho dream catcher the top item in the search area is using these keywords:

Brown Turquoise Stone Car Mirror Dream Catcher, Boho Car Decor, Boho Dreamcatcher, Mini Dreamcatcher, Small Dream Catcher

In order to get to the top, you need to be researching and analyzing what the top sellers are doing. There’s no harm in it. It's just necessary. Unless you're happy hanging out on the bottom of the pile...

Want to take it a step further? I like the sound of that too. Use the Google Keyword Planner to help you pick the best keywords to use so you're not only popping up first in Etsy, but in Google too. Doesn't that sound awesome? Once you have these keywords or phrases pick 3-5 of them and use them exactly where I told you. 

Write about all the possible uses for the product, the measurements, the special materials used, and the unique methods or techniques that only you use. 

And because I love you I created a handy, dandy checklist you should be copying and implementing every time you post a new listing in Etsy.

  • Juice up your title with your top keyword (first word  should be your big keyword)
  • Upload 5 images for each listing with keywords on each image (this multiplies your changes X5!)
  • Your description should start out with your top keyword. Try to use it in a sentence as best as you can.
  • Put all of your links at the the bottom of your description.    For example: testimonials, terms and agreements, your website, other related products, etc.
  • List your materials in overview
  • Share on Google plus, pin it in Pinterest, Facebook (I have a fabulous article on how to sell on here too) it, post in Instagram, and Tweet that baby.