Why You Should Start Your Purpose Driven Business

It’s something you think about when you’re taking a shower in the morning. It’s something people are constantly getting your advice about. It’s something you love to talk about. Giving your knowledge and/or skills away for free has become a daily task for you.

And as you lather up your hair in the shower, you’re closing your eyes thinking, “I think I could really turn this into something.” And as you put your makeup on, get dressed, do your hair, eat, and head out the door you keep thinking of more and more ideas. More ways you could help people.

And then the day goes by as fast as yesterday. You’re sporadically thinking of new things and maybe you’re writing them down or putting them in your phone. The work day is finally over. You get home, feed your family, and do the evening to-do’s. You remember having all of these amazing ideas earlier and you tell yourself you’re too exhausted to dig deeper into them, much less actually START the business you were dreaming about just earlier that day.

This is what makes me sad. You’re giving up. You’re telling yourself that you don’t have enough time. Or that you don’t even deserve something for yourself. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me list the excuses and save you the trouble:

  • You don’t have any time
  • You’re not an expert
  • You don’t think anyone will notice or care
  • You feel like you’ll be neglecting your family
  • You think there is too much involved to get started
  • You feel bad for taking time for yourself
  • You’re not even sure where to start

Does starting a business take time? Yes. Yes, it does. But I’m wondering, will you have more time in six months? Or a year? More than likely no. No matter what you think you will probably have the same amount of time to dedicate towards building your business then as you do today.

It also starts with mindset. Everything starts with mindset. Until you realize that you have a special talent or knowledge that people could benefit from NOTHING will happen. You don’t have to a have a Master’s degree or years of experience. You just have to know what the hell you’re talking about.

Maybe you kick butt at keeping your house organized while working fulltime and raising a family and people are always asking you how you do it.

Maybe your friends and co-workers ask you how you manage homeschooling your kids

Maybe you’re really great at finances and bookkeeping. Or helping people through tough times. Or teaching them how to play an instrument, learn a software, sew, bake, organize, sing, go through a divorce, raise a child with special needs, explain your faith, eat healthy, exercise, take photos, write….

There is so much you can do. The question is, what’s YOUR thing?

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A purpose driven business seems pretty deep right? Like I used exercise, sewing, and organization for ideas and you’re thinking, “purpose driven?” And I say, “yes.” Anything that you do, that you are passionate about, that people compliment and ask you about is a purpose driven business.

A purpose driven business gives you a sense of, well, purpose. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning when you’re dead tired, keeps you going on those late nights when you’d rather be sleeping in your nice, warm bed.

You don’t have to be an expert. All you need to be is a few steps ahead of someone. They just want to know how to get from point a to point b. That’s all. They’re interested in your journey, your take on it, and what you would and wouldn’t recommend doing.

You don’t think that anyone will notice or care. I think a big thing for women is worrying about acceptance. Especially online. When you’re out there, you’re out there. It’s scary to dip your toes in the water. Especially when you hear crickets. I’ve come to realize and accept that not everything I do is going to be everyone's cup of tea. And that’s good. Because that is not my job. That’s not how it works. But you’ll never know what people love or don’t love until you give them something. You just have to start.

You feel like you will be neglecting your family. We can sit and criticize our parenting skills until the sun goes down. We will never feel like we’re good enough or that we’re doing as good of job as Susie is over there. Your family loves you and they will respect you when you tell them you need some time for yourself. Set some hours. Wake up an hour or two earlier. Stay up late. There are a million ways to fit in what you need to be doing to nurture your business. If you want it to really and truly work, you’ll make it work. I guarantee it.

You think there is too much to getting started. Is there a lot that goes into building a business? Yes. And you will be adding more to your plate as you grow and master what you do. But, that shouldn’t discourage you from getting started! Start writing articles, think of all of the ways you can help people. Map out what you want to do and set some goals. It’s so important to get all of this out of your head.

You feel bad for taking time for yourself. We are all so guilty of this. But, where is it written that we can’t have our own thing? I think you made up that rule. You must know that you deserve something for yourself. You deserve to have that quiet time. That time where your brain can really get to work and show you how magical it can be. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about this. This is important to you and that’s that!

You’re not even sure where to start. Start smart. Start simple. Don’t take on a ton of things at one time. Find out WHAT you will be doing, WHO you are going to help, and WHY.



How to Focus on One Passion to Find Your Niche

I admit it. I’m multi-passionate. I can’t help it. I love to do what I feel like doing. BUT, I do have my main baby. My main focus. And that’s you. Right here. I have other side side hustles (no, that’s not a typo), but they don’t get the attention and time that this does. And that’s on purpose.

Imagine how burned out I would be if I dedicated equal time to each of the passions I have floating around in my head? Last time I checked, there is only 24 hours in a day and I do NOT have time for that.

I am not here to tell you that you can only do one thing. Because for some of us, that’s not realistic. And sometimes, when you’re just starting out, we need to have these side hustles to fund the main hustle. Not every situation is the same. So, no. I will not tell you to focus on ONE thing and screw everything else. Because if someone told me I had to do that, I would...probably ignore them.

My main passion is to serve women who are having a hard time overcoming the guilt of starting their own business. I also help them go through the process and support them along the way.  My other side businesses don’t serve and guide people through a growth process like this one does. So, I am perfectly happy with them living with me, but not hanging out with me all day. Make sense?

So, if you have a thousand ideas in your head and a business or two floating around out there, relax. Help is here. I’m here to tell you it’s going. To. Be. Ok.

What do you do with all of these things? Write them all down. In no particular order. Do it fast. Not too much thought.

Now take a look at this list. Do all of these things sort of fall under one main business idea/concept? Or are they all completely separate things? Maybe you have a ton of ideas that would fall under a coaching business of some sort. But, then you thought it would also be cool to have an Etsy shop and sell coffee mugs. No worries! You’re not flighty! I said so.

You can do anything you want. But, here’s the kicker. Not all at once. Imagine if you had the idea to build a house, school, and a skyscraper. You started off strong by laying out all of the plans, you have most of the funding, but it’s just you doing all of the work. So you start doing a little bit of work on each building each day. The school gets most of your attention because you are really passionate about education. You start to have a hard time focusing on the house and the skyscraper and the little foundation that they have starts to crumble.

What you should have done, is pick the most important thing to you, find out how to build it, make it work, find support, and make sure it’s sturdy. Then assess your time, money, your why, and look at your list again (you may not be as interested in these topics as much as you were before) and pick the next thing. While you’re building your house, you’ll be able to look over at the school running smooth and strong. Plus, you’ll have way more experience from the first project that you can use on this next one.

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Know Your Niche - 5 Secrets to Finding Your Sweet Spot

Knowing your niche. This is a struggle. When we first start our online business we tend to want to help everyone. Cause we’re so generous like that. We end up creating products and programs that speak to no one in particular, blog posts that don’t really get read, and social media posts that don’t get a second glance. 

What’s up with that? Our products rock! We know what we’re talking about! Where the hell is everyone? 

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If I asked you who your audience was, would you be able to go into great detail? Or will you give me something super generic with an awkward pause at the end like, “I help women start their…” This just isn’t enough my dear. And this is why you are seeing zero return on all of the hard work you’re putting in. This stops now. Here are my 5 secrets to finding your sweet spot. I want you to be able tell me exactly who your target audience is, what they do for a living, what they like to do in their spare time, what their goals are, and other specific details. 

Remember, by going through this article I want you to leave your present audience out of this. The questions I ask you are going to be answered with a fresh mind. So, if your current audience is mainly 30 year old males looking for a quick buck and that is NOT who you want to be working with in your ideal business life, then perfect, you need to do this exercise. It doesn’t matter how big or small your audience is right now. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, like nobody's listening, much less buying from you, then it’s time to stop wasting time! 

Before you create anything for your business you HAVE to know who you’re speaking to and what they’re going through so you can help them. And here’s how:

Describe your ideal customer/client in great detail. Pretend she is standing right in front of you. Write down what he/she looks like physically. How old?

Describe their daily life. What do they do right when they get up in the morning. Are they hitting snooze 5 times or are they up early and ready to take on the day? What happens next? Go into detail. And no, you’re not crazy. Just keep writing :)

What kind of struggles and pains is he/she going through right now? Are they having a hard time keeping their house organized? Is your audience a couple who is struggling in their relationship? Maybe he/she is going through some financial issues. Are they trying to write a book? There is no limit here. Just write them down!

What does he/she think about in their quiet moments of the day? Maybe she’s a mom who’s only peace and quiet is when she gets to shower in the morning. What is she wishing for? What does she long for? What does she wish she could have or work towards? 

If you were sitting at table with this person what kind of questions would they be asking you? What kind of advice would you be able to give? What topic would you be able to go on and on about? And when the conversation was over, would this person feel like you helped them through this pain? 

As you can see I made you think very deeply about your ideal client. I made describe them in detail, write down their struggles, and pains. And I also put you in the scenario and let you help them out. 

The last part of this exercise is what is really important. How you’re helping them. You should be in the business to serve and help people. If you are in this for the money and quick fame then I’m not your girl. In fact, I’m sure you stopped reading this article a long time ago. But for those of you who stuck with me and really went deep in this worksheet, YOU are in this to serve. And now that you’ve pinpointed exactly who that is and the specific ways only you can help them with, well the, you are on your way! 

You couldn’t help them with all of their problems right? And that is OK! There is someone else out there that can help them with that. I want you to realize you can’t do everything and have people take you seriously. Do you go to an account for decorating ideas? No. Obvious scenario? Yes. But, it helps get across that you need to just focus on the areas you are a genius at. There are so many people out there that need you. And doesn’t it feel better knowing that you don’t have to be everyone's problem solver? That’s a mom’s job…. ;) 

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Let me know in the comments below what you ended up picking and if you have any questions!