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How to get traffic to your website. Invite them.

How to get traffic to your website

You have a website. You've spent hours building it, branding it, and filling it with goodness. And then probably rebranding it's a curse. Or maybe you hired someone to do all of this for you. Either way, everything is perfect and it's perfect little spot. And now you get to sit back and watch the people flood in, your metrics increase, and the sales come ringing.

e.l.f. cosmetics

And then a thought comes across your mind, "It's kind of weird how my site kicks ass, but no one is stopping over. Well, I suppose I'll rebrand again..."

For goodness sake. STOP. People aren't coming to your site because it's not pretty or trendy enough. They don't know the place exists!

That's like me getting all p.o'd because no one has compliment me on my new bedroom renovation. I haven't went around announcing to the world, "Come take a peak at my bedroom! It's the bomb!" I can't get mad at that! If you're not telling people where to go or give them a reason to go. They. Are. Not. Going. To. Go. We have major ADD online and we're super busy. 

But, give me a good reason to come check out your latest and greatest and I'm there! And I'll probably be back!

And don't get all hopeless and huffy and puffy with me thinking, "I don't have the time nor the cash to stick into a bunch of ads."

That's not what I'm talking about. 

There are way too many business owners out there that think their website is going to be their business partnet when they first get involved. Wrong. Your website, especially your home page, is the store front of a brick and mortar. Your job, when you're not getting the company you want, is to show and tell people how to get there. 

You know all of the social media platforms you have? USE THEM! Their free and that's where your people are hanging out! Show them how awesome you and your business are and show them the way. Invite them to your pride and joy!