How to Create a Thank You Page in Squarespace

Having good manners with your business is really important. That's why we never want to forget to say, "thank you!" when someone gives us their email address in exchange for information. 

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We always want to go above and beyond here. That's why instead of using the standard thank you message built in your email service provider we are going to create a new page on your Squarespace website that is strictly dedicated to thanking your subscribers AND offering them even more goodies! I'm going to show you exactly how and why I have set up right now. Ready?

So, this is my thank you page. If you want to see it live just click here. I have 4 key elements on it. Let's dig into them further:

1: When your subscribers land on this page, let them know they are all set. Thank them and make them feel good about what's to come. 

2: This is a great place to put an invitation to your Facebook group community. You can also change this page to reflect any upcoming webinars, live events, etc.

3: Add a button for extra emphasis!

4: This is one of my favorite features. I added a summary block to my page that automatically shows my latest blog posts (which all have freebies attached). So, the majority of the time when I see a subscriber come in from one blog post, I'll also see them sign up for the additional posts that pop up on the thank you page. 

Once your thank you page is created you will be able to use that link in your email service provider and any other space when appropriate. It's a lifesaver!

PS: If you you're loving the way this looks and want to set up your own account in MailerLite for free then click here to get started!

What you Need to Start a Blog

Starting a blog sounds so fun right? Once you finally decide to actually go ahead and start one you then realize that there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle.

The hardest part is trying to figure everything out yourself. You have so many questions like:

  • what should I blog about
  • where should i blog
  • what template should i pick
  • how will I get website traffic
  • how will I monetize
  • and about a million more...

What's really difficult about the whole process is there really isn't one way to do anything. You either have to find someone you trust to do it for you or teach you how or you have to learn it all by yourself. 

I created my first website in an advanced computer summer class 16 years ago. Yes. I was that girl.

I've created a ton of different sites on several platforms for myself since then. The domains are no longer valid and no, I didn't save any screenshots of them. #embarrassing #didtheyevenhavescreenshotsbackthen

Once I learned what the heck I was doing and found my footing I started building sites for clients and businesses (on Squarespace of course). 

And what I've learned by doing all of this work is THEY ALL START OUT THE SAME. 

A blank template with a dream. So many options and so much to think about. And that's where people get completely lost. 

All of the Squarespace templates look amazing right? Of course they do. Why? Because they all have professional photography and are created by designers. The biggest drag is when you finally select your template of choice (expecting it to look just like theirs)  and then you slap up your photos and you wonder what the heck happened? My site looks nothing like the Pacific template example! You throw up your hands and walk away.

So many people get stuck at this step. They don't even move onto something else because they aren't even aware they CAN move onto something else. They just stop. And that's just sad.

I created a checklist that I use personally and that I recommend to all of my Blog Accelerator students to help guide them through the fun and not so fun tasks of creating and launching their blogs. 

Blogging on Squarespace

Blogging used to be a chore. I used to be a Wordpress girl, years back, and it seemed like such a pain just to get my words out there. I was introduced to Squarespace over a year ago and I’ve never looked back. Squarespace allows you to do what you want to do. Blog. No need for fancy plug-ins. It’s simple and easy to do . And it looks great! Let me show you!

I strongly suggest you draft your blog posts in Google Docs first. This way it auto saves for you, it’s easily accessible from all of your devices, and, for me, it allows me to think more clearly as I write without having to worry about anything else at the time. This isn’t a must, but I think it will help you just as much as it does me. So, let's get to work.

But first, get your blog checklist here >>>

If you're short on time and just want to see how I do it, watch my 3 minute video on how I create a blog post.

  • Log in to your Squarespace account
  • Click on Pages
  • Do you have a blog page already created?
  • Yes? → Click on BLOG and then the + sign in the upper right corner 
Blogging on Squarespace
  • No? → You will need to add a BLOG page to your navigation. Click on the + in the upper right corner and then BLOG then Click on BLOG and then the + sign in the upper right corner 
  • Now, it’s time to enter in your post title. This should be something catchy and something that people are looking for. You don’t want to title it, “What a great day I had.” Because...no one probably cares too much. If you’re blogging to make a living, then you need to be strategic about what you are blogging about and what you’re using as your title.

*side tips--use the Google Keyword Planner or Pinterest to give you ideas on what you should blog about.

*think about what your readers would love to read. What would help them? Write about something they will find helpful. Something so great, they’ll pin it and maybe even print it! So for example, your blog post may be titled, “The Ultimate Wedding To-Do List.”

Blogging On Squarespace
  • After you put in the title, highlight and copy it.
  • Go over to the OPTIONS tab.
  • Paste the title in your blog post URL.
  • If you have a thumbnail image created (the image that would post when shared on social media) You can go ahead and add that as well. Sometimes I leave this to the end. Either way is fine.
  • Source anything that needs to be sourced in the Source URL.
  • You can also create an excerpt to be used if you want to display your blog posts on the blog list page.
  • Featured Post can be click on  if you choose to highlight or flag in elsewhere on your website such as on the gallery feature.
  • The OPTIONS screen is complete 
  • Click on over to the Location tab. If you have a brick and mortar business or a location you would like to tag, you can do so here.
  • Slide on over to Social. This is assuming all of your social media accounts are integrated (super easy to do). All you have to do is click on the social media account that you would like your post to automatically post to once it is published. I usually to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 
Blogging on Squarespace


  • Now you can go back to the CONTENT TAB. I usually go ahead and paste in my blog copy from Google Docs now.
  • Sometimes when you paste in copy that was created in Squarespace, the format can be goofy. So I like to highlight all of the text once it’s pasted and then remove any formatting.
  • Go through your post again. See if needs any changes. Delete any extra spacing. Just spruce it up a bit.
  • You have options to add a little sparkle to your posts by adjusting your formats like adding larger text through different headline options. And of course you can add bold and italicized text as well.
Blogging on Squarespace
  • Adding any element to your post like an image, button, link, video, etc. is very simple. All you have to do is click on the black handle and choose what you desire. 
Blogging on Squarespace
Blogging on Squarespace

*side tip when you upload an image, be sure your title is keyword rich. You don’t want to have an image with a file name like ijfawe;ifjs;dkjf.jpg

*if you add something you wish to remove, just click on the trash can and confirm you deleting the element

  • Tag your blog post with words that describe the content like wedding, wedding tips, wedding checklist, bride, bridal tips. Just click on the + sign and start adding your tags!
Blogging on Squarespace


  • Categorizing your post makes it easier for your readers to find exactly what they are looking for when they’re searching on your site. This is almost like your filing system. You could file this under Wedding and/or Bride.
  • Turn comments on or off
  • Now you’re ready to commit. Publish your post now or schedule it out. Click on the word DRAFT and select your option 
Blogging on Squarespace


  • If you choose SCHEDULED then you’ll have to click on scheduled one more time to set the date. You’ll notice that Squarespace will back date the publish date and time so no oopsies are made. Once you’ve click on the date you are able to schedule your publishing date. 
Blogging on Squarespace