Booking Clients

5 Ways to Book More Clients

If you're a business coach, the biggest thing on your mind is probably booking clients. When you're just starting out or you're in a slump it can feel like you'll NEVER get your first client. And then after you do get your first client and the excitement dies off, you wonder how you'll get your next one. And the next. And the next.

5 Ways to Book More Clients

It's a never-ending circle we like to travel. But, if you're doing the right things and you're giving it all you got then I guarantee that they will find you.

My first two high paying clients found me on Instagram and Twitter and I had a tiny audience of less than 100 people!

So, here are 5 of my favorite ways you can book more clients:

Be Super Helpful All of the Time:

First note that being super helpful does not require you to link yourself up every time you offer a piece of advice. That's a little tacky. When someone asks a question, be it on a forum, blog post comments, social media, etc. all you are going to do is...answer it. You're going to answer it and you're going to be friendly and super helpful. What happens when you do that? People want to know more about YOU without you telling them yourself. They're going to seek you out and find out what you're all about. So be prepared! Make sure your website is ready for potential clients and your social media platforms are professional because these are their go-to places.

Join Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are an incredible way to network and give your two cents (when asked). I've gotten a client within 1 week of joining a Facebook group all because I was the first to chime in with helpful advice. My favorite Facebook group right now is Online Business BFF's.

Show Up Every Day:

Don't stress out about being EVERYWHERE! You don't need to be everywhere. You just need to be consistent. If you blog once a week then keep doing it. If you post on Instagram 3 times a week then keep doing it. Think about where your audience and potential clients are and put yourself there. Being consistent shows them that they can count on you.

Write Blog Posts Your Clients Would Love to Read:

What do your clients want? What do they think they need? You should be able to pinpoint this right away. If you're stuck come here and I'll help you find your niche!

Join Pinterest Boards to Boost Your Exposure

My traffic has never grown so fast since I stepped up my Pinterest game. Joining boards that relate to your niche and promoting other pins is key to growing your exposure. I'd be happy to have you join our new board here!

Okay so now you have the 5 Ways to Book More Clients it's time you grab the Ultimate Guide to Booking Clients!