List Building Strategies for the New Year

The biggest mistake that I made this past year was not having a list building strategy. I've always been perfectly aware of the importance of building my list, but I wasn't fully focused on it the majority of time, which was a big mistake.


I don't think I'm alone when I say that I want my business to GROW by leaps and bounds this coming year. I've implemented some strategies in my business (the last half of the year) that have speeded up my growth exponentially. I really wish I had been doing this the whole time, but better late than never right? So, of course I have to show you exactly what I did and plan to keep doing, so you can have the same success!

Here are my top three strategies for growing my list:

  • Blog posts with content upgrades
  • Opt in forms (at least 3) on your website
  • Social media posts with a purpose

What are you strategies?