Know Your Niche - 5 Secrets to Finding Your Sweet Spot

Knowing your niche. This is a struggle. When we first start our online business we tend to want to help everyone. Cause we’re so generous like that. We end up creating products and programs that speak to no one in particular, blog posts that don’t really get read, and social media posts that don’t get a second glance. 

What’s up with that? Our products rock! We know what we’re talking about! Where the hell is everyone? 

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If I asked you who your audience was, would you be able to go into great detail? Or will you give me something super generic with an awkward pause at the end like, “I help women start their…” This just isn’t enough my dear. And this is why you are seeing zero return on all of the hard work you’re putting in. This stops now. Here are my 5 secrets to finding your sweet spot. I want you to be able tell me exactly who your target audience is, what they do for a living, what they like to do in their spare time, what their goals are, and other specific details. 

Remember, by going through this article I want you to leave your present audience out of this. The questions I ask you are going to be answered with a fresh mind. So, if your current audience is mainly 30 year old males looking for a quick buck and that is NOT who you want to be working with in your ideal business life, then perfect, you need to do this exercise. It doesn’t matter how big or small your audience is right now. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, like nobody's listening, much less buying from you, then it’s time to stop wasting time! 

Before you create anything for your business you HAVE to know who you’re speaking to and what they’re going through so you can help them. And here’s how:

Describe your ideal customer/client in great detail. Pretend she is standing right in front of you. Write down what he/she looks like physically. How old?

Describe their daily life. What do they do right when they get up in the morning. Are they hitting snooze 5 times or are they up early and ready to take on the day? What happens next? Go into detail. And no, you’re not crazy. Just keep writing :)

What kind of struggles and pains is he/she going through right now? Are they having a hard time keeping their house organized? Is your audience a couple who is struggling in their relationship? Maybe he/she is going through some financial issues. Are they trying to write a book? There is no limit here. Just write them down!

What does he/she think about in their quiet moments of the day? Maybe she’s a mom who’s only peace and quiet is when she gets to shower in the morning. What is she wishing for? What does she long for? What does she wish she could have or work towards? 

If you were sitting at table with this person what kind of questions would they be asking you? What kind of advice would you be able to give? What topic would you be able to go on and on about? And when the conversation was over, would this person feel like you helped them through this pain? 

As you can see I made you think very deeply about your ideal client. I made describe them in detail, write down their struggles, and pains. And I also put you in the scenario and let you help them out. 

The last part of this exercise is what is really important. How you’re helping them. You should be in the business to serve and help people. If you are in this for the money and quick fame then I’m not your girl. In fact, I’m sure you stopped reading this article a long time ago. But for those of you who stuck with me and really went deep in this worksheet, YOU are in this to serve. And now that you’ve pinpointed exactly who that is and the specific ways only you can help them with, well the, you are on your way! 

You couldn’t help them with all of their problems right? And that is OK! There is someone else out there that can help them with that. I want you to realize you can’t do everything and have people take you seriously. Do you go to an account for decorating ideas? No. Obvious scenario? Yes. But, it helps get across that you need to just focus on the areas you are a genius at. There are so many people out there that need you. And doesn’t it feel better knowing that you don’t have to be everyone's problem solver? That’s a mom’s job…. ;) 

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Let me know in the comments below what you ended up picking and if you have any questions!