How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

You run your own handmade business with love and hard work. But, do you sometimes feel like you're in such a saturated market? That there's so much white noise and you don't stand out at all? 

It's tough out there isn't it? And it's freaking frustrating when you put hours and hours into something and it feels like no one cares. Much less BUYING. 

We need to take a moment here first and realize that we need to make some changes. Whether they may be big or small. Sometimes it's hard to make that decision because you may have been doing the same thing for months or even years. I'm here to tell you, if you're struggling in your business and you feel hopeless or confused then it's time to figure out what changes need to be made. 

So, lets get totally nerdy here. #standout  I want you to get a pencil and  paper out. Yes. A pencil and paper. It's a proven method for retaining information and you also have a better chance of implementing it too. I don't want this lost in your iphone notes... So write down my bold bullet points and then check off each item that you are currently using in your business. Circle each item that you are not implementing. Put a star by each item that you need help with. 

  • Email list--I can't stress how important your list is. If you're not building your tribe of dream shoppers yet, you need to get on that girl! Scoop them up in your arms and give them all your goodness!
  • Website--If you want to drive major traffic to your items #duh then this is a no brainer. I think having your shop on Etsy (or wherever) is super awesome, but how about we take it a step further? The more ways we can drive people towards you the better.
  • Social platforms--I see so much potential on social platforms, however, so many business' are doing it just plain wrong. By making simple changes they would stand out so much more. Social platforms are prime real estate for your business. Don't waste space by just throwing something up in the feed that your potential shoppers are just mindlessly scrolling through. 
How can we make your dream shopper stop in her scrolling tracks?
— Lindsay

The first sense you are activating is sight when you are an online handmade business owner. While your dream shopper is scrolling through her feed, most of the time its completely mindless, think of ways you can make her thumb STOP, look at your photo, imagine herself wearing or using your product, click on your photo, click the link, and then add your item to cart. 

Create and Craft

How can we amp this all up? How can we add that special flair that only your business has?

  • Gift certificates instead of giveaways-I like giveaways, but when you're struggling and looking for ways to stand out in your market then gift certificates are going to do more for you. Gift certificates are going to give you an additional sale and a returning customer if you do it right. How? If you give out a $25 gift certificate and the majority of your items are $50 and above, that gives you some profit. You're not just throwing product out for free. Gift certificates also give your shopper a chance to look at all the items you have in your shop. They're not just getting something free from you that you picked out. You're making them do the work by shopping and discovering what you have. 
  • Free item with every purchase-this may sound a little iffy to you, but I think this is such an amazing way for people to fall in love with you. You don't have to go crazy with it. Maybe it could be something that you have a lot on hand or something that is easy and fast for you to make. 
  • Upgrading your packaging-when you show how much you love your product by packaging it up with extra special touches like tissue paper, a nice bag, a hand-written note or card you'll make your dream shoppers heart flutter. Take a photo of your next shipment or make one up and post it on your social platforms so your audience can see the hard work and love you put into it from start to finish. The more your dream shopper sees YOU in every thing you put out,  the more they are going to gravitate and stick with you. 

Love to you all