How to reach more customers.

How to reach more customers.

I hear this all of the time, "How do I get more views? How do I get more likes? How do I get more followers?" While it's important to have these things. Its more important for you to get customers.



a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.

Did you kind of forget that those are important? I mean, these are the people who pay your bills my dear. So before you start complaining about how many views you get on your website or Etsy shop, let's worry about the main thing here. Customers. 

e.l.f. cosmetics

Have you looked at how many people sell the same thing you do? Can you tell me, right off the bat, how you are different from them? What unique way do you products shine brighter than theirs? If you can't come out and say it right away then we need to go back to the drawing board.

Let's say you sell boho style jewelry. Great. Wonderful. I bet you're freakin fantastic at it. But if I Google that phrase, 1,460,000 results come up. That's kind of alot. If I search this phrase on Etsy thousands of results come up here too. What's a girl to do? 

This is where I'm going to brag about a lovely lady, a true Creative Business Maven, named Emma, creator of Desert Daisy Jewelry. This girl hits my heart because she is working HARD to stand out. The first time I heard about her I noticed how she stood out immediately. 

  • She didn't just count on her Etsy shop to do the work for her
  • She had a website
  • Her product photo shoots, in the desert, are to die for
  • Her customer service is superb
  • Her knowledge of her products and materials are extremely impressive
  • Her personality is so genuine, giving, and kind you can't help but fall in love with her business

This is what who you should strive to be. Someone who stands out. Someone who takes every opportunity who comes her way. Someone who strives to become THE AUTHORITY in what she does. It's written all over her business face. 

I recently created a catalogue for Desert Daisy Jewelry that I think gave her yet another way to stand out and showcase her gorgeous products. This catalogue is one of my new packages I released this month called My Collection.  I enjoy creating these so much because I know it can work magic for you. If you would like to learn more about My Collection, please send me a note below, I can't wait to put some sparkle into your work!

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