How to Focus on One Passion to Find Your Niche

I admit it. I’m multi-passionate. I can’t help it. I love to do what I feel like doing. BUT, I do have my main baby. My main focus. And that’s you. Right here. I have other side side hustles (no, that’s not a typo), but they don’t get the attention and time that this does. And that’s on purpose.

Imagine how burned out I would be if I dedicated equal time to each of the passions I have floating around in my head? Last time I checked, there is only 24 hours in a day and I do NOT have time for that.

I am not here to tell you that you can only do one thing. Because for some of us, that’s not realistic. And sometimes, when you’re just starting out, we need to have these side hustles to fund the main hustle. Not every situation is the same. So, no. I will not tell you to focus on ONE thing and screw everything else. Because if someone told me I had to do that, I would...probably ignore them.

My main passion is to serve women who are having a hard time overcoming the guilt of starting their own business. I also help them go through the process and support them along the way.  My other side businesses don’t serve and guide people through a growth process like this one does. So, I am perfectly happy with them living with me, but not hanging out with me all day. Make sense?

So, if you have a thousand ideas in your head and a business or two floating around out there, relax. Help is here. I’m here to tell you it’s going. To. Be. Ok.

What do you do with all of these things? Write them all down. In no particular order. Do it fast. Not too much thought.

Now take a look at this list. Do all of these things sort of fall under one main business idea/concept? Or are they all completely separate things? Maybe you have a ton of ideas that would fall under a coaching business of some sort. But, then you thought it would also be cool to have an Etsy shop and sell coffee mugs. No worries! You’re not flighty! I said so.

You can do anything you want. But, here’s the kicker. Not all at once. Imagine if you had the idea to build a house, school, and a skyscraper. You started off strong by laying out all of the plans, you have most of the funding, but it’s just you doing all of the work. So you start doing a little bit of work on each building each day. The school gets most of your attention because you are really passionate about education. You start to have a hard time focusing on the house and the skyscraper and the little foundation that they have starts to crumble.

What you should have done, is pick the most important thing to you, find out how to build it, make it work, find support, and make sure it’s sturdy. Then assess your time, money, your why, and look at your list again (you may not be as interested in these topics as much as you were before) and pick the next thing. While you’re building your house, you’ll be able to look over at the school running smooth and strong. Plus, you’ll have way more experience from the first project that you can use on this next one.

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