How to Build Relationships Online

Running your own business from home can seem a bit lonely and isolating at times. I mean, you can only talk with your family and friends about your blog so much...

That's why it's important to build relationships online. Why? Because the connections you make will not only spring into possible friendships, but they could also bring you great exposure to your business.

Think how amazing it would be to have a group of friends know exactly how it feels when you write a kick butt blog post that you can't wait to publish. Think about how amazing it would be to have a group of friends that could talk about what type of landing page software you should use. These are conversations I can't have with my mom or my best friend since kindergarten. And that's okay! That's why we live in the world we do now, where everything is at our fingertips.

Think about the bloggers or business owners you look up to online. Can you really relate to their story? Do you admire their work and secretly wish you could collaborate with them some day on something? Because, that's awesome and totally doable!

Everyone started from scratch just like you. We are all just on a different mile in this journey and it's important for us to stay connected so we can support each other and keep moving forward.

So, how do you reach out to these people you ask? Simple. First download my Connections Catalog for you to keep track of all the amazing relationships you will start cultivating.

  • Follow them on all of their social media platforms
  • Like and share their articles
  • Comment on their posts 
  • Tell them how much you enjoy their latest blog post/podcast episode
  • Sign up for their webinars and actively participate 
  • Join their Facebook group
  • Sign up for their email list 
  • Interact with them via email. 

By doing these things, you are showing people that their work matters and that what they do is really helping you and others too. You're making yourself known to them. They might be super busy or they might have a VA handling a certain piece of their business, but if you show up and you're consistent with acknowledging what they do, then they will notice. Trust me. 

Another great way to build relationships online is to form a mastermind.

I really love the concept of masterminds because they can really be what you and the group of people in it want it to be. It does not have to be complicated or cost a ton of money to be a part of one. You can put one together for free via Google Hangouts or Zoom. Put the word out there that you would like to form a mastermind group.

My ideal group would be 4 other women who have families and run their business from home. I would like to have women of different areas of expertise like social media. copy writing, etc. 

Think about your ideal group and who would fall in this space from the list you've been creating. Once you both start to get to know each other you'll find it really easy to ask if they would like move the relationship further/collaborate.

Now that's how you build strong and healthy relationships.