How to Build a List of Raving Fans

Do you sometimes wonder how in the world you'll come up with another blog post idea? Do you stare at the screen waiting for some inspiration to jump out at you? 

How to Build a List of Raving Fans

You're not the only one struggling to come up with content ideas. Whether it be for a blog post, webinar topic, or course it can sometimes feel like we are constantly trying to come up with something new. Something that will blow peoples minds and create a line of raving virtual fans just dying to know more from you.

How do you get this line of fans to start forming if you're fresh out of ideas or if you're just starting? Let me share with you 4 tips you can use that will create that line of raving fans just waiting to gobble up all of your content!

Know what their problem is: How well do you know your ideal client/customer? Do you know, truly, what they struggle with? What is she thinking about when she's doing the dishes and folding the laundry? What keeps her up at night?

For example, let's say you started a health coaching business and your ideal client is a bride to be in her 30's. You offer one-on-one sessions and customized workout and eating plans with your VIP package. Now think. What's on her mind?

  • She wants to fit in the wedding dress of her dreams.
  • She's on a time crunch
  • She's stressed out

Write down your ideal client and start making a list of what he/she struggles with. Get into their mind and really feel what they are going through.

Do your research. Join Facebook groups that pertain to your ideal client and pay attention to the words they are using. Pay attention to what they care about and what they are looking for. 

This is not your chance to be salesy or to throw up your link in a FB comment. In fact, you're not going to do that at all. Unless you're asked! So, if you see Suzie Q post a question wonder what kind of workouts everyone is doing to slim down their waist, this is your opportunity to be helpful and offer some free suggestions. 

Always be helpful. Your end goal should always be to lessen the burden of the person you're talking to. Make them feel inspired and ready to move forward with confidence.

Create a list of problems. Grab a notebook, your favorite pen, and get into the mind of your ideal client! Write down every single problem they might be facing. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what struggles come up daily in their life. Whether they pertain to you and your business, write them down as this is a great empathy exercise.

Create a list of solutions. Read through the problems you listed and go through each one carefully. Can you provide solutions to any of them? Write down your ideal solutions for the problems you know you can help with. 

All of these exercises will help you get in touch with your ideal person. When people feel like you are directly speaking to them then that's when they feel like they'll be taken care of.  When people feel taken care of, that's when they trust you and probably won't stop talking about you! 

There's no need for you to be spending thousands of dollars on ads when all you have to do is take the time to recognize who you serve, what they need from you, and how you can deliver amazing content that people love.