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How to Send PDF's in MailerLite

One of the best ways to build your email list is by offering freebies. A freebie is something you give away to a potential subscriber in exchange for their email address. The most common form of a freebie is a PDF. They're easy to send and anyone can open and save them.

When I switched from ConvertKit to MailerLite I ran into a bit of a snag when I was setting up my automations and forms. I couldn't attach a PDF! I did some digging and found out a super simple way to get the job done.

How to Send PDF's in MailerLite

So, let's say your latest freebie is a 5 day challenge that's dripped in once a day for 5 days. What you'll do first is create your form:

Click on forms.

  1. Choose which type of form you would like to create. For most of my freebies, as you can see, I use embedded forms.
  3. Name your form. I like to name it the same as my freebie title.
  4. Choose your form type. You can choose from a button or an actual form. We are going to choose the form for this example.
  6. Now you need to select your subscriber group. You may not have anything under here, which is totally fine because you can create a new one under this tab. If you need to do that, then just claim ADD NEW GROUP. I like to call my group the same thing as the freebie as well. 
  7. Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE AND CONTINUE.
  8. We will start from the bottom and work down. You can choose to turn your double opt-in on or off. I'm going to turn it off for this one.
  9. Change the copy in the title, text, and button title. You will see the form on the left will auto-populate your changes.
  10. You can leave the text or edit it in the thank you message box or you can redirect the url. I have a separate thank you page on my site that I like to take subscribers to, so I change it to that. Here's an example.
  11. Change the look of your text box as you fit. I like to center mine and bold the lettering.
  12. Click on DESIGN. This is where you change the colors to match your branding, center the title, and change the form layout.
  13. Click on FIELDS if you would like more information from a subscriber besides their email address.
  14. Click on GROUPS to double-check you have the right group selected. As your groups grow you can click on more than one. For example, I may want to click on one of my course funnels as well. 
  15. Hit SAVE once you're done.
  16. You are automatically brought to your coding. This is where you grab the java script and/or link to embed your form.

Now that you have your form created, we can go ahead and set up the automation portion.

  1. Click on AUTOMATION
  3. Name your workflow. I use the title of whatever I'm promoting
  4. Choose your trigger. I'm going to pick "When a subscriber joins a group."
  5. Choose your group. Use the same group you used when creating your form.
  6. Hit SAVE

The purpose of choosing a group is you are telling MailerLite "when a subscriber signs up under the 5 day challenge form I then want this email to go out to them automatically."

Now you're brought to your flow screen. This is one of my favorite parts about MailerLite. I'm a visual person and I love to see all the emails literally right in front of me on a piece of paper. This is so helpful when you're creating a drip course or a series of emails for your marketing funnels.

For this challenge, our plan is to send one email each day for five days. We want the first email to go out immediately after they fill out the form. So, we will go ahead set up our flow:

  1. Click on the + sign

2. Since you want an email to go out immediately, you're going to choose EMAIL.

Now, you'll look over to the right hand side and fill in all your information. The subject line, your name and email, if you want Google Analytics (I always check this box, and your language.


You have a few choices here. You can use the drag and drop editor (if you're familiar with MailChimp then this is almost exactly the same), rich text editor (what I use 99% of the time, or your own HTML. I'm going to choose rich text editor for this example.

4. Now you can write your email.

This is where we are used to attaching our PDF's. MailerLite is a bit different and since you're reading this blog post this is the moment you've been waiting for!

We are not allowed to attach a PDF in MailerLite. BUT, we can link to one. So, what you're going to do is go into your Google Drive (sign up for one if you don't have one yet) and then drag your PDF into the drive.

5. Click on the share button up on the top right hand corner.

6. Click on the drop down box and pick ANYONE-PUBLIC ON THE WEB

7. Copy the link

8. Click DONE

9. Now go back into MailerLite and hyperlink (clink on the chain link) your copy with the link you just copied.


10. Click OK.

11. Finish up your email. Make any changes needed.


13. Your next step (well the next 4 emails will be the same) is to click the + sign again.

14. This time you'll click on delay, because we want these emails spaced out a day for each one.

15. One the right hand side you'll see this is where you can choose your timeframe. Hit SAVE when you're done.

16. Go back to your flow chart and click the + sign and then EMAIL.

You're going to do the exact same thing for any and all emails going forward.

Super simple right!?

Make sure when you are all done setting up your automation that you turn it on! TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER.

There you have it! Email automation made easy!

PS: If you you're loving the way this looks and want to set up your own account in MailerLite for free then click here to get started!

Why I Switched From ConvertKit to MailerLite

As small business owners and bloggers, we all know how important it is to have a list. The confusing part comes when it's time to choose an email service provider. MailChimp and ConvertKit seem to be the most popular right now. I've worked with them both for several months and now I'm not with either of them. I found something so much better. Let me tell you why.

Why I Switched From ConvertKit to MailerLite

I started my business over two years ago. Signing up for MailChimp was one of the first things I did. I saw so many other people use it that I admired and my business coach at the time even used it. So, I figured it was a no brainer. 

As my list grew through my first year I started to get frustrated with all of the duplicate subscribers counting against me. I had multiple freebies and it was doing me a disservice. I started to look into how I can segment my lists and it was terribly confusing. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to this stuff, but MailChimp could seriously make a lot of lives easier by simplifying some processes. 

After a lot of work, research, and frustration I decided to leave my paid MailChimp plan (at that time they were charging for automation) and head over to where it seemed all the cool bloggers were hanging out, ConvertKit.

I was paying triple the amount with ConvertKit than I was with MailChimp, but I kept telling myself it was worth it. ConvertKit is definitely pretty user friendly in general. I know a lot of people who get crazy strategic with tagging etc. but that's just not me. I really liked how I could build my email funnels, implement tagging, and the analytics were really great.

I like to evaluate my systems and processes every 6 months or so and ConvertKit was really sticking out in my mind.

What I didn't like about ConvertKit:

  • I needed more visuals (explained further below)
  • I didn't like the price
  • It didn't integrate with Squarespace
  • No drag and drop templates

What I liked about ConvertKit:

  • Simplicity of creating forms
  • Analytics were easy to understand
  • Tagging was helpful to keep subscribers sorted
  • Building Sequences was pretty simple


After looking and comparing several email service providers I finally made a decision. One of my clients mentioned that she was using it and after I looked into it more I could see that this could actually be pretty promising! 

It's pretty simple to sign up for an account, but you know what's not simple? Transferring all of your email funnels, creating new freebie forms, and landing pages. Let me clarify. It's actually really simple to do, but very time consuming for me as I have over 30 freebies alone. Not to mention all of my funnels. It took me a few days to do it all. Keep in mind I have a newborn and two other children to interrupt my work time too!

I wouldn't have been able to do it so seamlessly if I wasn't such an organization freak from the beginning either. I used my blog planning template and just worked my way down the list. Here's how simple it is:

1. Open up your template or go off of your own list and identify the first blog post you need to change.

2. Go into your blog post that has a freebie where you need to change the form. 

3. Go into MailerLite (sign up for your free account here) and update the necessary business info to get started. 

4. Click on forms.

5. Choose which type of form you would like to create. For most of my freebies, as you can see, I use embedded forms.



7. Name your form. I like to name it the same as my freebie title.

8. Choose your form type. You can choose from a button or an actual form. We are going to choose the form for this example.



10. Now you need to select your subscriber group. You may not have anything under here, which is totally fine because you can create a new one under this tab. If you need to do that, then just claim ADD NEW GROUP. I like to call my group the same thing as the freebie as well. 

11. Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE AND CONTINUE.

12. We will start from the bottom and work down. You can choose to turn your double opt-in on or off. I'm going to turn it off for this one.

13. Change the copy in the title, text, and button title. You will see the form on the left will auto-populate your changes.

14. You can leave the text or edit it in the thank you message box or you can redirect the url. I have a separate thank you page on my site that I like to take subscribers to, so I change it to that. Here's an example.

15. Change the look of your text box as you fit. I like to center mine and bold the lettering.


16. Click on DESIGN. This is where you change the colors to match your branding, center the title, and change the form layout. 


17. Click on FIELDS if you would like more information from a subscriber besides their email address.

18. Click on GROUPS to double-check you have the right group selected. As your groups grow you can click on more than one. For example, I may want to click on one of my course funnels as well. 

19. Hit SAVE once you're done.

20. You are automatically brought to your coding. You can either grab the java script or grab the link.

21. I paste my coding into my blog planning spreadsheet so it's easier to grab. Get that template here.


22. Then I go into my blog post and change the coding/link and ta-da everything is updated!

Now, you may be wondering, "How does my subscriber get her freebie then?" Great question! Here's a tutorial on how to automatically deliver a freebie to your subscribers. I will also show you another really simple way as well. 

In step 14 I had you put a link to your thank you page. So, the process for a subscriber would be:

  1. They'd read your blog post
  2. See your form
  3. Give you their email
  4. Redirected to your thank you page
  5. Freebie delivered to their inbox

But if you don't have a thank you page built yet then you can go another route. Let's say you have a PDF you want to send to your subscriber once they sign up:

  • Open up your Google Drive account (sign up for one if you don't)
  • Find your PDF (or any other kind of document)
  • Drag it into your Google Drive
  • Open up the document
  • Click on SHARE (top right corner)
  • Click the drop down box and click on MORE
  • Copy link provided
  • Change the link in your MailerLite form (where the thank you page link goes) to the sharable link Google gives you.

Now the process is a bit different for your subscriber:

  1. They'd read your blog post
  2. See your form
  3. Give you their email
  4. Redirected to your freebie

I mostly use my thank you page because I want them to come back to my website and see what else they can learn. I don't want them to get side-tracked and move away from me.

Once your form is created and ready to go, you are able to see the analytics laid out very plainly for you. Just click on FORMS to view.


Like I said, this took time with all of the freebie forms I had to update, but it was completely worth it. I now have an email system that is doing exactly what I want and need for FREE.

What email system do you use? Do you love it?

How I Prepared My Business for Maternity Leave

As I'm writing this post I am 28 weeks pregnant and it's April 19. When you finally get to read this I will have a newborn hanging out with me and I will NOT be worried about blogging, social media, or building my list. The only things I will be focused on is our new baby and my family. And I'm only allowed to do this because I prepared myself and my business. 

Having a baby is a pretty major life event. Even if you get months to prepare it seems like the last couple sneak up on you. Especially when you have other little ones running around. 

My online business is very important to me. When I found out I was having number 3 I knew right away that I didn't want to hit pause. I went into full blown planning mode for a few reasons:

  • I didn't want to have to worry about blogging for at least a month
  • I didn't want to have to worry about social media for at least a month
  • I didn't want to have to worry that my email list was collecting dust

The thought of nursing a baby and trying to figure out what to blog about just didn't mesh well. I wanted all my focus to be on this new little person (right now I don't know if it's a boy or a girl.) #drivingmycrazy

So, I thought about the next (this was at the beginning of April) 5 months and I started writing ideas on a piece of paper. I ended up with 17 different ideas.

Then I looked at each one and labeled them as to what category/theme they would fall into. Like email marking, personal development, sales, etc. 

I ended up with 5 different themes, which worked out perfectly. I like to plan my months in chunks so I knew this system was working well for me so far. 

Here's an example: for the month of May I blogged about email marketing. I had 5 different ideas/blog posts and they fell under the email marketing theme. So, May's blog schedule looked like this:

How I prepared my business for maternity leave

I did this type of planning all up to the end of August. I assigned myself to get 1 blog post done a day (more on the weekends) and I ended up finishing everything in less then two and half weeks. That's a lot of blog posts for that amount of time! 

It's the best feeling ever to see all of the scheduled posts ready to go in the backend of my site!

I also scheduled all of my Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, and Podcast images (and episodes) in this amount of time as well.

I wouldn't have been able to do all of this so seamlessly if I didn't have a template to guide me right through it all. I got a huge feeling of satisfaction every time I got to check off a new task as complete. 

You don't need some fancy project management system to get things done. All you need is all you need. Make sense?

You can use this template for anything. Being pregnant is not a pre-requisite ;) I highly suggest you take a peak and see it's something you'd use because it saved me!

How to Market Your Business Organically

When your budget is low or basically nothing, it can get a little intimidating when you start thinking about marketing. You feel like you need to become a Facebook ads expert and spend every hard earned penny on them. There's so many other places that are tempting to spend money on advertising too like Google, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Where do you start and where do you stop?

You need to first start from the very beginning. I know, what a concept huh? This is what usually happens: you start a blog, write some posts, pay Facebook to "boost" the posts, and then wonder why no one is coming to your site. 

Or this scenario: you create a digital product or course, buy some Facebook ads, and then the conversion rate totally stinks. 

What the heck huh? Why isn't anyone stopping over and buying? 

Because you completely skipped over a GIGANTIC piece of building yourself up organically.

If you can identify with this then let me ask you this, when you purchased your Facebook ads what type of audience were you paying Facebook to market too? Did you just take a shot in the dark/throw money away? It didn't quite work the way you thought it would right? Know why? I do!

Because they don't know you and they don't know how awesome you are.

You just hopped right out there asking for money before introducing yourself, building a relationship, and cultivating it into something rich and long-lasting.

Do you see where I'm going with this? You are rushing your relationships. You're paying people to like you when you don't even know if you'll be good for each other. You need to go way back and figure out who those people are. How do you do that then? Glad you asked.

Start out by taking a look at the audience that you do have. You know the ones that interact with you via social media, emails, and blog comments. Write down what they all have in common and get to know them.

Here are some other things you could think about and do:

  • ask your biggest interacting readers/communicators if they would like to hop on a call with you so you could pick their brain. Ask them about their biggest pains and struggles and what they wish they could get help with now.
  • take a poll via social media. Maybe you have Facebook group you could ask or inquire on your Facebook page and just ask basic questions about your audience. People love to give information about themselves. This could get some great discussions going.
  • take a look at your most popular blog post. Can you create more blog posts/freebies that bounce off of that post? Can you revive the post to get it more exposure by creating a new content upgrade for it? People are really interested in what you have to say. Don't ignore your greatest hits! Use them!

There are so many ways that you can grow your business organically and I believe that this is the best way to start because you will never really know who needs you unless you get in there, get dirty, and find out for yourself. Then as your business grows, your income will grow and you'll be able to finally start paying for marketing that actually PAYS because you know exactly who they are and what they need from you.

How to Sell More Digital Products

When I first started my online business I admired other bloggers who had a plethora of digital products.  I fantasized about having a product suite that everyone could come to and find something they needed. I wanted to help everyone. I soon found out a few things...

After I spent night and day at the computer for months creating as many digital products as I possibly could I was not only burned out, I was pretty unsuccessful. I had over 6 digital products on my site (that's a lot in this space) and nothing was selling.

All that work. For nothing.

After a while I finally came to my senses and realized a few things and I made some big changes:

  • I took down all of my digital products
  • I narrowed down my focus of expertise
  • I learned how to properly launch a  product
  • I got to know my audience more through list building, holding live workshops, and networking

These were pretty drastic changes for me because I spent so much time creating these products. They were my babies. I had written out the email sequences and everything! 

I was really scared to narrow down my focus too because I thought that would make me sound less knowledgeable. Which is the wrong way to think completely. By narrowing down your focus shows your audience that you know your stuff! I always say, "you're not WalMart. You can't sell everything. 

I then invested in myself and learned how to properly launch a digital product/course. When I first created my products I didn't do a launch whatsoever. I made them, stuck them on my website, and expected the sales to come ringing in. After I learned the proper way to do it that's when things started to change!

List building was the most important piece I incorporated. I started working really hard at providing value, creating blog posts that I knew my audience needed, and started building relationships. 

My list grew fairly quickly and I knew that after a certain number I would officially launch my first course. 

When I finally hit that magic number, which was only 400, I launched my first "real"course, List Building Mania. 50% of my sales came from my email list and the rest came from promoting it on social media for FREE. I didn't sell any by advertising the first week, I just went with my gut and did it the way that I thought best and it worked.

This went against everything I thought I knew when I first started. I launched to small list, I only had one product on my site, and I didn't need to spend a bunch of money advertising. What a relief huh?

So, don't think you have to wait until you have a ton of product ideas, a huge list, and a huge budget to go along with it before you launch your first thing. It simply isn't necessary. The most important thing is to just get it out there and make it amazingly helpful for your customers. 

How to Create an Email Course With Engaging Students

The thought of creating an email course can seem a bit daunting. But, they're actually very simple to create and the best part is is that they're VERY popular right now. Which means...LIST BUILDING on auto-pilot!

How to Create an Email Course with Engaging Students

Right now, everyone is looking to learn more online. When they come to your site they want to know more. If you could ask every person why they came to your site what do you think the biggest reason would be? 

What is their common problem? What pain are they trying to solve?

You have them on your site, now how do you get them on your list? Get them to sign up for a free email course! 

The best part about email courses is you get to show your expertise and value through a method of THEIR choice. 

So, how do you decide on a course topic?

1: Write 5-7 problems, struggles, and pains that your readers are dealing with. Think about the questions you get, popular blog posts, or you can even do a poll.  Do these problems and pains all coincide with each other? Do they have a common denominator? That can be your email course topic. 

2. Now take all of those problems (the 5-7 you just wrote) and start writing! Open up a fresh Google Doc and go crazy. Don't hold back on any info. This email course is your chance to show your readers just how knowledgeable you are in this field. Your goal is to be helpful and keep them wanting more from you every day.

3. This is why I love e-mail courses-they're so easy to put together! You just wrote ALL of that info, so now it's time to break it up into sections. Think about how long you want the course to be. 5 days? 7 days? Be sure it's appropriate to the length of your document. You don't want to do a 30 day course with one paragraph a day...

After you write all of the content for your course and have it broken out it's then time to hop on over to your email service provider and load the course. If you're using MailChimp (what I used to use) you would just set up an educational email automation. If you're using ConvertKit (what I use now) you would set up a sequence. 

You want your students to be engaging with you while you teach them lesson right? Grab the workbook below to get the best ways to keep your students engaged and AVOID UNSUBSCRIBES!

How to Work From Home and Accept the Interruptions

I sometimes feel like people don't understand what we, as moms, go through in our daily lives. We are always in "mom mode." We always have our mom caps on and we're usually thinking ahead and trying to predict the future. I have yet to master that part. 

Now, throw in creating and building your own business, while staying home, all on top of your other responsibilities, it can definitely seem like a lot and can get quite overwhelming. 

I created a workbook that will save you so much time! If you're a mom and you work from home-you need a plan and you need something you can stick to. This workbook will walk through the same process I use to go from an idea to planning out each hour of my work day. It's something you'll refer back to and print over and over again because it is just that useful. 

It can be very exciting to start an online business. At first, you're gathering up as much information as possible on Pinterest, you're reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and making a ton of notes (and work) for yourself. You're basically running off of adrenaline at this point. 

Then a kid gets sick or something unexpected happens in your family and everything has to be set aside. You feel like such a failure for not giving your new baby (your business) the attention it deserves. You make a promise to yourself that you'll get back to it when you have time. 

After a week or more goes by you're either going to do one of two things. Dive right back in or find another reason to not move forward. You may have a perfectly legit reason for not moving forward at the time, but more than likely you're scared. You ran out of steam and you're not sure how to get it back. 

This is why we need to have a plan mom. Because it happens to ALL OF US. When I found out I am having my third baby this fall I was completely floored. This was not written down in my planner! Once I accepted the fact that things will change again this coming Summer I knew I had a really good reason to get my shit together and become a master of time management and planning ahead. Strategically. 

I've not only cut down on my hours, but I've planned out the next year. Because I have to. I really don't want to be laying in the hospital bed thinking, "oh shoot! I forgot to publish and promote my new blog post!" That's just not going to happen. When that new baby comes I will be able to know the wheels are turning without me. 

This is not only how I plan for big life events, but I also plan my days this way. Because, like I said before, I have no clue who is going to wake up sick today. I have no power over what my 2 year old will think entertainment is on a Tuesday afternoon.  And I have no clue if my 7 year old just needs some mom time or would rather hang out in his room when he gets home. I don't know. And that's OK. 

What I do know, is that I will plan to work on my business from 1-5 every week day. I do know that I have a  weekly blog post, a weekly podcast, client work, networking, marketing, and creation to be done. And I do know that I have a theme for each month so I'm not struggling with writers block. I also know that if my husband wants to take us all out for supper on a Friday, I will more than happily shut my laptop and get the kids ready because I can wake up early on Saturday and get some work done too while everyone is sleeping. 

My biggest tip for working from home is to not be so hard on yourself and set boundaries. As I said before, I have set hours. That's that. If you haven't implemented this into you day, DO IT. I can't tell you how much more productive I've become after knowing I have an hour to get this done. 

How to Make Email Marketing Work for Any Business

Are you one of those people who crinkle your eyebrows at the thought of email marketing? Email marketing. What a topic. Are you aware that some people actually love to chat, read, write, and do all things email marketing? Why is that? Because they have seen what it can do for their business. 

I recently read some relatively new and fresh to the grind bloggers chatting about how they hate getting an inbox full of emails from more "established bloggers," and how they all seem to be pitching. I remember thinking the same thing back in the day. And I also remember telling myself the same thing I heard/read them say..."I'm not going to be like that."

You hate to chime in and tell them that that's all part of the game of email marketing. These bloggers are obviously in a middle of a launch and they're sending out emails to make sales/make a living/put food on the table/doing the same thing you do every day. 


I remember getting annoyed at all of these emails until I understood the process and the strategy of what's happening . And then I looked closer and started studying the copy, the timing, the whole process in general, and I finally understood that email marketing is actually the best way to sell. Anything. That's why, if you have any kind of business online or you plan to make money online then you need an email list and you need an email marketing strategy. 

I created a cheatsheet that will show you how, no matter what you sell, you can and should have a list and you MUST be marketing to it. Not all of the time, but when it's appropriate. 

List Building Strategies for the New Year

The biggest mistake that I made this past year was not having a list building strategy. I've always been perfectly aware of the importance of building my list, but I wasn't fully focused on it the majority of time, which was a big mistake.


I don't think I'm alone when I say that I want my business to GROW by leaps and bounds this coming year. I've implemented some strategies in my business (the last half of the year) that have speeded up my growth exponentially. I really wish I had been doing this the whole time, but better late than never right? So, of course I have to show you exactly what I did and plan to keep doing, so you can have the same success!

Here are my top three strategies for growing my list:

  • Blog posts with content upgrades
  • Opt in forms (at least 3) on your website
  • Social media posts with a purpose

What are you strategies?

Planning - The Secret Way to Plan a Full Year Ahead

The year is coming to an end. Is a part of you screaming, "Holy $hit! I'm running out of time!" or "Bring it on, I'm ready!" ?

No need to panic if you haven't even thought about your business in 2017, you're not alone and this is actually quite common. The year somehow flies by even faster than the year before and every good intention you had of sitting down and planning ahead is either way too overwhelming or  extremely daunting. 


I've always been a planner. Heck, I'll write down something after I've already done it in my planner, just so I can cross it off. You do that too right? By doing this (since elementary) it has helped me to stay organized, focused, and extremely goal oriented. 

Every single day for the next year does not have to be planned out. That's not where I'm going with this. There's an art to planning out a full year and it's done in a certain way, so that you are able to visualize, plan, and feel confident about what you have coming up. So, let's get into it, shall we?


I have two amazing tools to help you get started.

  • A spreadsheet planner template

o get access to the planner template and the mini e-book by clicking the button below. I created the template myself and I am using it to plan out my year. I included a sample of mine so you have something to go off of. But, before you go and start filling it out, make sure you go through the e-book as I have a detailed strategy on how I want you to approach your planning mission.

I'm going to go ahead and let you get to work!

9 Ways to Create an Online Income for Your Niche

Everyone is always telling you (in the online business world at least), “Find your niche! Find your niche!” And boy what a task that can be! You put in hours of research, read a billion blog posts, and write down a ton of notes. And then, on that fateful day, the stars align, and BAM! You found your niche! Yay! Congratulations, now what are you going to do with it?

There are all kinds of things you can do now my dear! No worries! I put together a list of ideas that you can use to create an income from your niche.

Write an ebook: This is a great way to make your information highly accessible. We live in  digital world and people are buying ebooks like crazy. They don’t have to 300 pages long. They could be ten pages! You can also sell that on Amazon too. Put together a guideline of what you think you could cover in an ebook and start writing! You can use something basic like Microsoft Word or you can step up a bit and use something like Canva or In Design. There are a lot of resources out there that will help guide you through the process like on Blog Tyrant or Book Baby.

Start a podcast: Podcasts are great because they allow listeners to multi-task. You can listen to a podcast while you’re working, cleaning the house, or driving your kids to school. Your voice gives people that personal connection with you. I can read someone’s blog all day long, but I will more than likely forget about it if I don’t have any other connections to the creator. Having someone in your earbuds and listening to their voice is what creates that deeper connection. You almost feel like you know them personally. A great resource that I turned to when starting my podcast, Self-Made and Savvy, is Pat Flynn’s free step by step tutorial.

Start a blog: There are thousands of people out there that will give advice on how to start a blog. But why should you start a blog? Because it gives you a voice. I believe everyone has something to say. If you feel the need to express yourself in this way, then let nothing hold you back. There are people out there that will read it and that need to read it! If you want to write about your niche all day long, well, there are people who want to read about your niche all day long! You just have to start. Some of my favorite blog gurus are Alex Beadon and Elle & Co.

Write a book: This is a pretty big task! But, if you have so much information and experience it would be easy for you write a book. There are so many resources out there that can help you through the process of writing a book like Brian Tracy’s training, “How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author” or Laura Pennington’s Six Figure Writing Secrets. You can also go to Angela J. Ford’s site to learn how to launch your book once you are complete!

Start a coaching/consulting business: If you want to work with people personally or digitally than this is a great space to get into. Especially if you are very specific with your services. Having a coaching or consulting business gives you a chance to work with people who need your guidance and support. Whether it’s group coaching or individual, you will find many people just trying to get to the point where you are today. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be a few steps ahead.

Create online courses: Creating online courses is perfect for the teacher in you. If you want to guide a group of students towards a certain outcome and be there for them every step of the way, then courses is the way to go. My favorite course on how to create a course is by Mariah Coz of Femtrepeneur.

Start vlogging: People LOVE video and it’s become extremely accessible. If you’re the type of person who feels comfortable vlogging their daily life or bits and pieces of it then vlogging may be the way to go. You can tie your niche in with every vlog. There are so many approaches and techniques to this, one of the experts I recommend is Amy Schmittauer.

Freelance work: There is a HIGH demand for all things freelance. Business owners can’t do everything. #burnout So they need people like you to hire and help them in their business. And yes, you can niche down a freelance service. It will be tempting to be Jane of All Trades, but steer clear from that. You don’t want to get stuck doing everything. Remember, you have a niche. People like to see, clearly, what you specialize in. It makes them feel like their getting an upgraded type of service because that’s all you do. A great resource for freelancers is Laura Pennington’s Courses to Build Your Freelance Biz and Income.

Create physical products: You could start an Etsy shop! Etsy is a great marketplace space to sell your handmade products. They make it very easy to load your products and get out there into the world. One of my favorite blogs for Etsy shop owners is Fuzzy and Birch or Attention Getting.

There is no limit to your potential. All you have to do now, is get started. 

Why You Should Start Your Purpose Driven Business

It’s something you think about when you’re taking a shower in the morning. It’s something people are constantly getting your advice about. It’s something you love to talk about. Giving your knowledge and/or skills away for free has become a daily task for you.

And as you lather up your hair in the shower, you’re closing your eyes thinking, “I think I could really turn this into something.” And as you put your makeup on, get dressed, do your hair, eat, and head out the door you keep thinking of more and more ideas. More ways you could help people.

And then the day goes by as fast as yesterday. You’re sporadically thinking of new things and maybe you’re writing them down or putting them in your phone. The work day is finally over. You get home, feed your family, and do the evening to-do’s. You remember having all of these amazing ideas earlier and you tell yourself you’re too exhausted to dig deeper into them, much less actually START the business you were dreaming about just earlier that day.

This is what makes me sad. You’re giving up. You’re telling yourself that you don’t have enough time. Or that you don’t even deserve something for yourself. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me list the excuses and save you the trouble:

  • You don’t have any time
  • You’re not an expert
  • You don’t think anyone will notice or care
  • You feel like you’ll be neglecting your family
  • You think there is too much involved to get started
  • You feel bad for taking time for yourself
  • You’re not even sure where to start

Does starting a business take time? Yes. Yes, it does. But I’m wondering, will you have more time in six months? Or a year? More than likely no. No matter what you think you will probably have the same amount of time to dedicate towards building your business then as you do today.

It also starts with mindset. Everything starts with mindset. Until you realize that you have a special talent or knowledge that people could benefit from NOTHING will happen. You don’t have to a have a Master’s degree or years of experience. You just have to know what the hell you’re talking about.

Maybe you kick butt at keeping your house organized while working fulltime and raising a family and people are always asking you how you do it.

Maybe your friends and co-workers ask you how you manage homeschooling your kids

Maybe you’re really great at finances and bookkeeping. Or helping people through tough times. Or teaching them how to play an instrument, learn a software, sew, bake, organize, sing, go through a divorce, raise a child with special needs, explain your faith, eat healthy, exercise, take photos, write….

There is so much you can do. The question is, what’s YOUR thing?

Download the Nail Your Niche worksheets!

A purpose driven business seems pretty deep right? Like I used exercise, sewing, and organization for ideas and you’re thinking, “purpose driven?” And I say, “yes.” Anything that you do, that you are passionate about, that people compliment and ask you about is a purpose driven business.

A purpose driven business gives you a sense of, well, purpose. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning when you’re dead tired, keeps you going on those late nights when you’d rather be sleeping in your nice, warm bed.

You don’t have to be an expert. All you need to be is a few steps ahead of someone. They just want to know how to get from point a to point b. That’s all. They’re interested in your journey, your take on it, and what you would and wouldn’t recommend doing.

You don’t think that anyone will notice or care. I think a big thing for women is worrying about acceptance. Especially online. When you’re out there, you’re out there. It’s scary to dip your toes in the water. Especially when you hear crickets. I’ve come to realize and accept that not everything I do is going to be everyone's cup of tea. And that’s good. Because that is not my job. That’s not how it works. But you’ll never know what people love or don’t love until you give them something. You just have to start.

You feel like you will be neglecting your family. We can sit and criticize our parenting skills until the sun goes down. We will never feel like we’re good enough or that we’re doing as good of job as Susie is over there. Your family loves you and they will respect you when you tell them you need some time for yourself. Set some hours. Wake up an hour or two earlier. Stay up late. There are a million ways to fit in what you need to be doing to nurture your business. If you want it to really and truly work, you’ll make it work. I guarantee it.

You think there is too much to getting started. Is there a lot that goes into building a business? Yes. And you will be adding more to your plate as you grow and master what you do. But, that shouldn’t discourage you from getting started! Start writing articles, think of all of the ways you can help people. Map out what you want to do and set some goals. It’s so important to get all of this out of your head.

You feel bad for taking time for yourself. We are all so guilty of this. But, where is it written that we can’t have our own thing? I think you made up that rule. You must know that you deserve something for yourself. You deserve to have that quiet time. That time where your brain can really get to work and show you how magical it can be. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about this. This is important to you and that’s that!

You’re not even sure where to start. Start smart. Start simple. Don’t take on a ton of things at one time. Find out WHAT you will be doing, WHO you are going to help, and WHY.



How to Focus on One Passion to Find Your Niche

I admit it. I’m multi-passionate. I can’t help it. I love to do what I feel like doing. BUT, I do have my main baby. My main focus. And that’s you. Right here. I have other side side hustles (no, that’s not a typo), but they don’t get the attention and time that this does. And that’s on purpose.

Imagine how burned out I would be if I dedicated equal time to each of the passions I have floating around in my head? Last time I checked, there is only 24 hours in a day and I do NOT have time for that.

I am not here to tell you that you can only do one thing. Because for some of us, that’s not realistic. And sometimes, when you’re just starting out, we need to have these side hustles to fund the main hustle. Not every situation is the same. So, no. I will not tell you to focus on ONE thing and screw everything else. Because if someone told me I had to do that, I would...probably ignore them.

My main passion is to serve women who are having a hard time overcoming the guilt of starting their own business. I also help them go through the process and support them along the way.  My other side businesses don’t serve and guide people through a growth process like this one does. So, I am perfectly happy with them living with me, but not hanging out with me all day. Make sense?

So, if you have a thousand ideas in your head and a business or two floating around out there, relax. Help is here. I’m here to tell you it’s going. To. Be. Ok.

What do you do with all of these things? Write them all down. In no particular order. Do it fast. Not too much thought.

Now take a look at this list. Do all of these things sort of fall under one main business idea/concept? Or are they all completely separate things? Maybe you have a ton of ideas that would fall under a coaching business of some sort. But, then you thought it would also be cool to have an Etsy shop and sell coffee mugs. No worries! You’re not flighty! I said so.

You can do anything you want. But, here’s the kicker. Not all at once. Imagine if you had the idea to build a house, school, and a skyscraper. You started off strong by laying out all of the plans, you have most of the funding, but it’s just you doing all of the work. So you start doing a little bit of work on each building each day. The school gets most of your attention because you are really passionate about education. You start to have a hard time focusing on the house and the skyscraper and the little foundation that they have starts to crumble.

What you should have done, is pick the most important thing to you, find out how to build it, make it work, find support, and make sure it’s sturdy. Then assess your time, money, your why, and look at your list again (you may not be as interested in these topics as much as you were before) and pick the next thing. While you’re building your house, you’ll be able to look over at the school running smooth and strong. Plus, you’ll have way more experience from the first project that you can use on this next one.

Don't forget to register for my free workshop tomorrow!

Know Your Niche - 5 Secrets to Finding Your Sweet Spot

Knowing your niche. This is a struggle. When we first start our online business we tend to want to help everyone. Cause we’re so generous like that. We end up creating products and programs that speak to no one in particular, blog posts that don’t really get read, and social media posts that don’t get a second glance. 

What’s up with that? Our products rock! We know what we’re talking about! Where the hell is everyone? 

Join me in a live workshop on Tuesday, November 22 at 6:00 pm central time that will go into GREAT detail on exactly how to do this (this is how I found mine.) Register for the live workshop right here.

If I asked you who your audience was, would you be able to go into great detail? Or will you give me something super generic with an awkward pause at the end like, “I help women start their…” This just isn’t enough my dear. And this is why you are seeing zero return on all of the hard work you’re putting in. This stops now. Here are my 5 secrets to finding your sweet spot. I want you to be able tell me exactly who your target audience is, what they do for a living, what they like to do in their spare time, what their goals are, and other specific details. 

Remember, by going through this article I want you to leave your present audience out of this. The questions I ask you are going to be answered with a fresh mind. So, if your current audience is mainly 30 year old males looking for a quick buck and that is NOT who you want to be working with in your ideal business life, then perfect, you need to do this exercise. It doesn’t matter how big or small your audience is right now. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, like nobody's listening, much less buying from you, then it’s time to stop wasting time! 

Before you create anything for your business you HAVE to know who you’re speaking to and what they’re going through so you can help them. And here’s how:

Describe your ideal customer/client in great detail. Pretend she is standing right in front of you. Write down what he/she looks like physically. How old?

Describe their daily life. What do they do right when they get up in the morning. Are they hitting snooze 5 times or are they up early and ready to take on the day? What happens next? Go into detail. And no, you’re not crazy. Just keep writing :)

What kind of struggles and pains is he/she going through right now? Are they having a hard time keeping their house organized? Is your audience a couple who is struggling in their relationship? Maybe he/she is going through some financial issues. Are they trying to write a book? There is no limit here. Just write them down!

What does he/she think about in their quiet moments of the day? Maybe she’s a mom who’s only peace and quiet is when she gets to shower in the morning. What is she wishing for? What does she long for? What does she wish she could have or work towards? 

If you were sitting at table with this person what kind of questions would they be asking you? What kind of advice would you be able to give? What topic would you be able to go on and on about? And when the conversation was over, would this person feel like you helped them through this pain? 

As you can see I made you think very deeply about your ideal client. I made describe them in detail, write down their struggles, and pains. And I also put you in the scenario and let you help them out. 

The last part of this exercise is what is really important. How you’re helping them. You should be in the business to serve and help people. If you are in this for the money and quick fame then I’m not your girl. In fact, I’m sure you stopped reading this article a long time ago. But for those of you who stuck with me and really went deep in this worksheet, YOU are in this to serve. And now that you’ve pinpointed exactly who that is and the specific ways only you can help them with, well the, you are on your way! 

You couldn’t help them with all of their problems right? And that is OK! There is someone else out there that can help them with that. I want you to realize you can’t do everything and have people take you seriously. Do you go to an account for decorating ideas? No. Obvious scenario? Yes. But, it helps get across that you need to just focus on the areas you are a genius at. There are so many people out there that need you. And doesn’t it feel better knowing that you don’t have to be everyone's problem solver? That’s a mom’s job…. ;) 

Don't forget to download your free worksheets, Nail Your Niche! Just click right here! Also, don't forget, I'm also hosting a live workshop on Tuesday, November 22 at 6:00 pm central time that will go into GREAT detail on exactly how to do this (this is how I found mine.) Register for the live workshop right here.

Let me know in the comments below what you ended up picking and if you have any questions!

How should I promote my products via email?

Are you using every opportunity (especially the free ones) to shout from the rooftops that you have a new product or that you have something to offer that could be helpful, of interest, or exciting to your readers/followers/buyers/subscribers (whatever you want to call them)?

e.l.f. cosmetics

Or is this something that's been on your to-do list like for, forever? 

I have a secret. I know why this has been a permanent fixture on your to-do list. Because you don't know HOW.

You're not sure:

  • how to create the emails
  • how often to send them
  • what to put in them
  • who to send them to
  • and why you should be sending them

When you are selling a product, doesn't matter what it is, you need to be promoting it. Period. Creating a promotion schedule every month is going to save you a ton of time and reduce STRESS. 

First think of your audience. What do they like? You should know your audience pretty well and what they gravitate to. If you're a creative business owner, you're very visual and your readers most likely are too. So, make your emails are visually appealing. Sketch it out on a piece of paper. Do some research on Pinterest. Email service providers like MailChimp make it super easy to customize an email that match your branding. 

Some other things to consider when creating an email:

  • Consider the subject (is it eye catching and going to get an open?)
  • How often will you be sending out promo emails? Once a week? Twice a week?  If you're not sure, test it out and see what's working You can track opens and clicks in your MailChimp account.
  • Creating links. Always make sure you are bringing them out of of the email with hyperlinked text and photos. If they like that pair of shoes you have on there then they better be able to click on it and buy them then!

Create consistency by planning at the end of the month (or whatever fits your schedule) what you will be promoting for the month ahead. So let's say at the end of May you need to decide on what products you will promote in June. You send out an email every Monday, so how many products do you want to promote? Write it all down. Then decide what photos and copy you will be using. 

I even write down on a calendar what emails will be going out on that day for quick reference. It helps me to visually see what the month is going to look like for my business. And maybe I need to shift other topics and conversations to point to what I'm promoting in my circle. 

Having a solid plan like this also gives you blog post ideas, social media post inspiration, and copy for any other form of communication you use for your business. 

It always comes down to planning and having a system. If you're feeling frazzled and disorganized then take a look at what's making your hair stand up. Do you panic when you realized you haven't posted in three days? Having that backbone of planning takes that pressure off. You can even plan more than a month ahead. You could go 3, 6, or even more months out. Especially with the summer months ahead. How nice would it be to have all of those time suckers planned out, doing all of the work for you while you're playing outside with the kiddos?

7 Secret Sales Tips to Get More Customers

You reallllly want to grow your online business. You're tired of the piddly stuff. You keep going back and forth about whether you should make some changes or if you should just go for it. But there is a teeny, tiny problem. You need more customer before you can afford to give it that extra boost. Here are (my favorite) 7 Secret Sales Tips to Get More Customers:

Ole Henriksen

1. Get a website. Don't rely on social media or other marketplaces solely. Why? Because. Facebook or Instagram could change their algorithms tomorrow and you could get lost in the pile. Remember 6 years when everyone saw your Facebook business page's posts without you having to shell out cash? Yeah. Me too. Good times. What if the marketplace you rely on goes poo poo or starts charging crazy fees? Can your business handle that? You don't know. So get something that's all yours. 

  • Buy a domain (I recommend GoDaddy)
  • Sign up with a website builder (I ONLY recommend Squarespace)
  • Load it up with content (here are the essentials)
  • Design it! Show off your branding or hire someone to do it for you.

2. Start blogging. OMG I know. When I started blogging four or five years ago, I was like, "This is a freaking chore!" It was a chore because I didn't have anything really to talk about. I didn't have anything to talk about because I hadn't unearthed my mission yet. I was blogging almost every day about nothing really valuable. I thought I had to blog everyday and I wore myself out, to the point where I quit doing it for a year. Until I finally found my sweet spot. 

Ladies, we ALL have something to say. We all have a topic that we could go on for hours and hours about. Especially if we don't get a chance to during the day. I work from home and my kids are here with me. I would love (and do alot) to talk my husbands ear off when he gets home from work about what I do and why I do it. But, let's be honest, he doesn't really want to hear about that all of the time. So, blogging is really just another creative outlet for you. You don't have to be a professional writer or have mad grammar skills. I sure as hell don't. I just write. I get it all out. You guys, this is such an embarrassing thing to admit and it's probably very noticeable, but I rarely even go back and read my posts a second time...Yeah. That's how I roll and that's how I've always done things. I trust my gut with everything that I have. If you don't like what I have to say then there a thousand other blogs to read.

That's the kind of attitude you need to have. You jus take that plunge and get your words out there. Show off what you know. Remember when you first started your business and you were Googling things like, "how to take product photos" or "how to make goats milk soap" or "where should I buy my organic ingredients from." Hello, blog topic ideas! Get in the mind of who you were and what your problems were at that time and do a brain dump. Write everything down. Do you see how helpful you could be? 

3. Become the authority. Once you have your website up and you're excited to start blogging, think about how you can become the authority in what you do. I know there are sooo many businesses out there like yours, but don't let that intimidate you or stop you. Do you know what three thousand online businesses who sell non-toxic skincare products don't have? You.  This is where people get a little confused and discouraged. We see so many lifestyle blogs out there and we think have to be one of those. You don't. If you choose to, great. But, I think this is what intimidates alot of wannabe bloggers out there. So, get that thought out of the way. Make a list of things that make your business special. This could be:

  • materials and supplies you use
  • a special technique
  • a special situation that serves as your main purpose for doing what you do
  • unique ingredients
  • packing
  • shipping
  • recipes

The list could go on and on. Once you have a list of about 5-10 (maybe even more) things that make you special then ask yourself, would my audience love to know and would they benefit from knowing what kind of ingredients I use in my bath soap? Umm yeah! People love to know the WHAT and the WHY. What's in it? And why do you use it? Make them interested in what you do. Make them want more. 

4. Create a Facebook group. And for the love of God, ask them before you just throw them in there. I know some people don't care and some may even like it, but I think it's just good manners to ask before you take someone somewhere. We don't do that in real life do we? No. Why don't those rules apply online? Hell if I know. So anyways, create a Facebook group that makes your followers, readers, and customers feel all comfy, safe, and warm. Name it something cute and exclusive. Make it private. And don't be spammy. Make sure they know you're all ears and be helpful and provide value. Just like if you would invite someone to your home. How do you get people to come to your group you say? Create a post and invite them! Send people private messages (no group messages!) and tell them about it and ask them if they'd like to join. Write a blog post about it. Create an Instagram post talking about. Pinterest. All that good stuff!

5. Start a newsletter. Am I overwhelming you yet? Don't get overwhelmed. A newsletter can be as easy as letting your subscribers know you have a new blog post out. Or compile the links at the end of the month and do a summary of all the blog posts. Get creative. You already have your blog as an outlet so maybe use your email newsletter as something to remind them that this is out there. Sometimes people just forget you have one and they need you to hold their hand and show them where it is again. No biggie. You're happy to do it right?

6. Be consistent. We definitely hear this all of the time. But, it is worth repeating because it is so important. It takes time to grow your business. You have to realize that first. But, if you take the time to show up every day and be consistent, I guarantee you it will pay off. Staying consistent can be quite difficult when you have other priorities like a full time job and a family, but that why you do things like plan ahead. Some things that I do to save my sanity:

  • Batch my blog posts-I write a blog post once a week and I make it a goal to write 4 of them a month ahead of schedule.
  • I use apps like Later and IFTTT to make posting easier
  • Batch my Instagram posts-I plan out a months worth of posts in the matter of a couple of hours so I avoid the panic of "omg! I haven't posted anything today!" Here's a training on how to do that!

7. Act like a human being. What a dumb secret right? You can think that right now, but I want you to truly ask yourself, how have you interacted like a human being on social media today? Are you saying "thank you" when people comment on your Instagram posts? Are you striking up conversations with your customers or potential customers? Have you been helpful? Sometimes we get too one sided on social media. We get in and we get out. We post and we're gone. Whatever happened to acting like a human being? I had a really interesting conversation on Anchor about this. Listen to it right here!

Do you have any secrets to your success? 

How to reach more customers.

How to reach more customers.

I hear this all of the time, "How do I get more views? How do I get more likes? How do I get more followers?" While it's important to have these things. Its more important for you to get customers.



a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.

Did you kind of forget that those are important? I mean, these are the people who pay your bills my dear. So before you start complaining about how many views you get on your website or Etsy shop, let's worry about the main thing here. Customers. 

e.l.f. cosmetics

Have you looked at how many people sell the same thing you do? Can you tell me, right off the bat, how you are different from them? What unique way do you products shine brighter than theirs? If you can't come out and say it right away then we need to go back to the drawing board.

Let's say you sell boho style jewelry. Great. Wonderful. I bet you're freakin fantastic at it. But if I Google that phrase, 1,460,000 results come up. That's kind of alot. If I search this phrase on Etsy thousands of results come up here too. What's a girl to do? 

This is where I'm going to brag about a lovely lady, a true Creative Business Maven, named Emma, creator of Desert Daisy Jewelry. This girl hits my heart because she is working HARD to stand out. The first time I heard about her I noticed how she stood out immediately. 

  • She didn't just count on her Etsy shop to do the work for her
  • She had a website
  • Her product photo shoots, in the desert, are to die for
  • Her customer service is superb
  • Her knowledge of her products and materials are extremely impressive
  • Her personality is so genuine, giving, and kind you can't help but fall in love with her business

This is what who you should strive to be. Someone who stands out. Someone who takes every opportunity who comes her way. Someone who strives to become THE AUTHORITY in what she does. It's written all over her business face. 

I recently created a catalogue for Desert Daisy Jewelry that I think gave her yet another way to stand out and showcase her gorgeous products. This catalogue is one of my new packages I released this month called My Collection.  I enjoy creating these so much because I know it can work magic for you. If you would like to learn more about My Collection, please send me a note below, I can't wait to put some sparkle into your work!

Name *

How to start your online business the right way.

How to start your online business the right way.

Boy. What coach doesn't claim to know the "right way?" Are you OD'ing on advice, steps, checklists, webinars, videos, and podcasts? Are you addicted to feeling inspired? And that's about it? Ugh, let me tell you. I know exactly what you're going through. I have a dozen notebooks and stacks and stacks of papers to prove it. I am totally addicted to getting inspired. Inspiration is my drug. Totally lame right? 

Ole Henriksen

This can be a problem though. As we know, too much of anything isn't good. Some times you're so full on inspiration you feel like your head is going to explode. So you take a few days off to "let it soak in" and then completely forget about what you just learned. And then you dive into a super awesome podcaster you just heard about and binge listen. And the circle continues. 

Oh, and you probably have a million ideas on how you can start your online business too. That's why you must. keep. learning. And you learn. And learn. And learn. Until finally you are more confused than ever  about what you want to do. Who you should help. Why. Where. And what the hell? And here's a warning. It's never going to stop. You're never going to land on the answer you're looking for because you don't even know what it is yourself. Pretty deep huh? Oh, I can get even deeper.

Like I said, this will continue on a never ending ride until someone stops the machine, pulls you off, takes your hand, gives you directions, while walking you to the right road. I love telling people where to go and how to do it by the way...

Have you had this idea swirling around in your head and you're not sure where to begin?  You know you have something, but you can't pinpoint it. Do people come to you for help all of the time for this and for that? Are you the go-to girl for [fill in the blank]? 

How can you take this idea. This talent of yours and turn it into something bigger? How can you help women just like you and turn this into something that makes you feel like you are finally unleashing and accepting your mission.

I'm so sad and tired of seeing women who have a TON to offer the world just wonder and wonder. So, I was like hmmm how can I help them? How can I make a difference to the women I feel called to help? What I'm doing, for just one week, is holding a big ol' sale on my biggest mentorship program, Small Town to Cosmopolitan.

I'm offering 80% off the regular price of $497. Plus FREE SHIPPING on the workbook!

Scroll to the bottom to get the super duper secret code...

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who gets you?

Someone you trust, to hold your hand, through the process of building up your business? 

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Course Summary (7 week schedule):

  • What's your problem
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  • Setting goals with purpose
  • Niche retargeting
  • Social media makeover
  • Marketing for free
  • Wrap up

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My new motto: Stop drifting. Unearth your mission. And what it means.

My new motto: Stop drifting. Unearth your mission. And what it means.

I was thinking real deep one day.  It happens once every 32 years. About my business and how much it's changed since I very first started over five years ago. What a roller coaster it's been. Well, actually I've never been on a roller coaster. And I don't plan on it either. But, I know there have been alot of ups and downs and huge twists and turns. HUGE. If you would have told me 5 years ago, while I was writing my healthy lifestyle and fitness blog (it's gone-don't even look for it) that I would be here. Doing this. Building an actual BRAND. Working with people who I love. I would have laughed and thought, "No way!" 

e.l.f. cosmetics

So, let me tell you about my new motto. When I thought of it, I smiled and said, "YES!" out loud. I even wrote it down dozens of times because I loved how it looked on paper too. So inspiring. This motto brings me to another big turn in my business. And that's why it's so big. Let me explain further.

Stop drifting. This is a powerful phrase. You can use it for anything. I'm going to speak to my business chicks here though. Say it again. Out loud. Stop drifting. So good. This is what I want that phrase to do to you.

Focus. As an entrepreneur you have a million ideas drifting back and forth in your head. One minute you want to do this. One minute you want to do that. And you keep drifting because you're never giving your idea a chance. You're never pulling it fully out of the water. Think of all of the ideas you have swimming around in your head. You think of a couple to grab and you struggle tugging them out of the water because it's just too much. The ideas are too big. So you attempt to grab 2, maybe 5, ideas at one time and you half assly (its a word I checked) get them out of the water and you drift around with them. You're not really going anywhere. Just drifting further and further away from your goals.

One idea is keeping you afloat. The others you're kind of struggling with and it's hard for you to give them your full attention and keep them alive. In the meantime you're exhausting yourself trying to keep YOURSELF and your business alive. You're not even realizing WHY you can barely swim anymore. And then you're wondering (as you're treading water for dear life) "why the hell isn't anyone paying attention to me?! Can't they see how hard I'm working? Can't they see all that I've done?"

They can't. Because you're drifting so far out there. Holding onto to too many things! Tell me the truth. How many ideas for your business do you have right now? Do you work on each idea a little bit every day? Is that working for you? That's why I want you to stop drifting. Let go of all of the ideas, but one. Don't worry, they will still be in your ocean when you need one. But you just need to hang onto one of them. When you decide which idea you're going to grab from the water you're going to swim to shore with it. And you're going to swim with ease and determination. Because you've picked a goody! You've picked something you've been dying to work on FOREVER.

Now what? Unearth your mission. You've hit the ground with your idea and now you're going to dig even deeper. What's your mission? Before you dig into that, you need to look at a couple of things first. These points are extremely crucial when it comes to developing a product or service. Anytime you drag that idea to shore, go through this list and write down your answers. This will not only help you create more thoroughly but it will get to the people who truly need you the most. 

  • Who is your idea for? 
  • Why do they need this?
  • Why would they think they think need this? 
  • What do you think is their biggest struggle?
  • Have you been through this yourself?
  • Is this the solution that will pull them out of their funk?

Once you have all of these questions answered, your mission is easier and more clear. You unearthed your mission by truly digging deeper into who you're helping and why you're helping them. 

It's not enough to lifestyle blog anymore. It's not enough to just talk AT people. There's too many people out there doing that. The white noise is overwhelming. The easiest way to stand out right now is to solve problems for people who are wearing the shoes you wore five years ago. 

And don't shortchange yourself. We all have someone we could help. I'm serious. Dig deep. I mean DEEP. Once you find that icky spot that you've fought and fought through and you know how to get out of it and reach the top, that's it. That's what you're going to focus on. That's what your mission is. Accept it and then give back.