Building Your Business

Brand New Blogger List Building Tips

When you first join the blogging world it can be really exciting. You have so many ideas and dreams for your blog. Your thoughts are completely consumed with amazing blog topics and you feel like you're a walking content machine.

While you're submersed in blog posts, you may be forgetting something SUPER important. Your list. So many new bloggers put this off until they feel like they're more established and I'm here to tell you that that's a huge mistake!

Brand New Blogger List Building Tips

List building gets pushed to the side much too often because brand new bloggers may not be aware that email marketing isn't just for selling. So, when you're just starting out, it can be pretty intimidating to enter this field. But, let me tell you, this thought process could be doing your blog a lot of damage.

So, before you sign up for your ESP (email service provider) let's talk about 4 things you need to be amazingly clear on first.

  • Know exactly who you are serving
  • Know their pains and struggles
  • Feel confident in your solution(s)
  • Adjust as you go (blogger growing pains)

Know exactly who you are serving. As you've been traveling along on your blog journey, you may have heard this phrase (or variations of it) quite a bit. You know it's important, but you may not feel like you have this down yet. On a scale from 1-10, how well do you feel you know your ideal client? Write that number down.

let's do a fun little exercise.

I want you to seriously get a notebook out or bring up your notebook app. on your phone and answer these questions. Close your eyes and write down everything you feel and know about this person you serve. Pretend you're sitting at a park bench with your ideal reader/client/customer and answer the following questions:

  • Male or female?
  • How old?
  • Pets?
  • Family?
  • What does he/she do for a living?
  • Are they happy?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What excites them in the morning?
  • What are their goals?
  • What kinds of questions do they ask you?
  • What could you two talk about for hours?

After you've written down your answers to each of these questions (extra credit if you can elaborate and add extra details!) I want you to rate yourself again, from 1-10.

Did your number increase or decrease? Take a step back and ask yourself why? Were you overly confident and your answers didn't come easy to you? Or did you surprise yourself?

Know their pains and struggles. We touched a bit on this topic when you went through the exercise above (what keeps them up at night). Now, I want you to dig even deeper. Think about their biggest pain. What keeps them up at night and what kind of answers are they looking for. I want you to write down their biggest pain. Then ask yourself , "why?" 5 times! This process will get you so crystal clear on their problems you will be amazed! So, here's an example: 

Clients biggest pain: She wants to lose 20 pounds.

WHY? Because she gained a lot of baby weight.

WHY? Because she ate too much ice cream when she was pregnant.

WHY? Because she had huge cravings!

WHY? Because she wasn't eating the right/healthier foods.

WHY? Because she had no guidance when it came to diet during pregnancy.

Wow, do you see how I narrowed that down? Originally you thought you knew your clients biggest problem, lose 20 pounds. But, how generic is that? Pretty much everybody wants to lose 20 pounds, so that doesn't help you create your own market, much less show people that you are the expert. You can't be the expert in helping everyone lose 20 pounds. That's too generic and way too broad. What you can do, is specialize in helping women stay at a healthy weight during pregnancy by providing guidance, education, etc.

Feel confident in your solution(s). Now, let's talk about your solution. You identified with your client's biggest pain, now think about how you can help them. If your client came to you and asked you to help them with their 5th WHY, would you be able to? Think about what kinds of solutions you would have for this problem, topics you could cover, programs you could offer, etc. What kind of transformation are they looking for? Asking yourself the WHY's and brainstorming each of them is an excellent way to create content your readers and clients will adore!

Adjust as you go (blogger growing pains).  If you do your job well, your blog will grow and evolve. You may find that a different group of customers/readers are totally into your blog while the original group you had set it up for went to a different party! And you know what? That's totally ok! The important thing is that you are always in the right mindset to serve and help others and accept the people who show up at your blog door because they're the ones who feel a connection with you and need your help.

When you have all four of these things down, you can then start focusing on building and nurturing your list. Content will come so much easier to you now!

How to Send PDF's in MailerLite

One of the best ways to build your email list is by offering freebies. A freebie is something you give away to a potential subscriber in exchange for their email address. The most common form of a freebie is a PDF. They're easy to send and anyone can open and save them.

When I switched from ConvertKit to MailerLite I ran into a bit of a snag when I was setting up my automations and forms. I couldn't attach a PDF! I did some digging and found out a super simple way to get the job done.

How to Send PDF's in MailerLite

So, let's say your latest freebie is a 5 day challenge that's dripped in once a day for 5 days. What you'll do first is create your form:

Click on forms.

  1. Choose which type of form you would like to create. For most of my freebies, as you can see, I use embedded forms.
  3. Name your form. I like to name it the same as my freebie title.
  4. Choose your form type. You can choose from a button or an actual form. We are going to choose the form for this example.
  6. Now you need to select your subscriber group. You may not have anything under here, which is totally fine because you can create a new one under this tab. If you need to do that, then just claim ADD NEW GROUP. I like to call my group the same thing as the freebie as well. 
  7. Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE AND CONTINUE.
  8. We will start from the bottom and work down. You can choose to turn your double opt-in on or off. I'm going to turn it off for this one.
  9. Change the copy in the title, text, and button title. You will see the form on the left will auto-populate your changes.
  10. You can leave the text or edit it in the thank you message box or you can redirect the url. I have a separate thank you page on my site that I like to take subscribers to, so I change it to that. Here's an example.
  11. Change the look of your text box as you fit. I like to center mine and bold the lettering.
  12. Click on DESIGN. This is where you change the colors to match your branding, center the title, and change the form layout.
  13. Click on FIELDS if you would like more information from a subscriber besides their email address.
  14. Click on GROUPS to double-check you have the right group selected. As your groups grow you can click on more than one. For example, I may want to click on one of my course funnels as well. 
  15. Hit SAVE once you're done.
  16. You are automatically brought to your coding. This is where you grab the java script and/or link to embed your form.

Now that you have your form created, we can go ahead and set up the automation portion.

  1. Click on AUTOMATION
  3. Name your workflow. I use the title of whatever I'm promoting
  4. Choose your trigger. I'm going to pick "When a subscriber joins a group."
  5. Choose your group. Use the same group you used when creating your form.
  6. Hit SAVE

The purpose of choosing a group is you are telling MailerLite "when a subscriber signs up under the 5 day challenge form I then want this email to go out to them automatically."

Now you're brought to your flow screen. This is one of my favorite parts about MailerLite. I'm a visual person and I love to see all the emails literally right in front of me on a piece of paper. This is so helpful when you're creating a drip course or a series of emails for your marketing funnels.

For this challenge, our plan is to send one email each day for five days. We want the first email to go out immediately after they fill out the form. So, we will go ahead set up our flow:

  1. Click on the + sign

2. Since you want an email to go out immediately, you're going to choose EMAIL.

Now, you'll look over to the right hand side and fill in all your information. The subject line, your name and email, if you want Google Analytics (I always check this box, and your language.


You have a few choices here. You can use the drag and drop editor (if you're familiar with MailChimp then this is almost exactly the same), rich text editor (what I use 99% of the time, or your own HTML. I'm going to choose rich text editor for this example.

4. Now you can write your email.

This is where we are used to attaching our PDF's. MailerLite is a bit different and since you're reading this blog post this is the moment you've been waiting for!

We are not allowed to attach a PDF in MailerLite. BUT, we can link to one. So, what you're going to do is go into your Google Drive (sign up for one if you don't have one yet) and then drag your PDF into the drive.

5. Click on the share button up on the top right hand corner.

6. Click on the drop down box and pick ANYONE-PUBLIC ON THE WEB

7. Copy the link

8. Click DONE

9. Now go back into MailerLite and hyperlink (clink on the chain link) your copy with the link you just copied.


10. Click OK.

11. Finish up your email. Make any changes needed.


13. Your next step (well the next 4 emails will be the same) is to click the + sign again.

14. This time you'll click on delay, because we want these emails spaced out a day for each one.

15. One the right hand side you'll see this is where you can choose your timeframe. Hit SAVE when you're done.

16. Go back to your flow chart and click the + sign and then EMAIL.

You're going to do the exact same thing for any and all emails going forward.

Super simple right!?

Make sure when you are all done setting up your automation that you turn it on! TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER.

There you have it! Email automation made easy!

PS: If you you're loving the way this looks and want to set up your own account in MailerLite for free then click here to get started!

How to Host a Webinar for Free

Webinar, live class, workshop, whatever. They're all same. Right? I think I can speak for many of you when I say that I have a love/hate relationship with them.

What I love about webinars is the intimacy and the value that they hold. 

What I don't really love is the mystery behind them. When I first started coming to them a few years back I thought these gurus must be HIGH TECH! They were using expensive software like WebinarJam and they just made me feel like hosting one of my own was completely out of my league. 

After attending so many webinars on various platforms I finally decided to do one on my own. So, I went out on an exploration to find the perfect software. To me, the perfect software was going to be FREE and not buggy at all. 

My first webinar was done on Zoom and it worked really well. Zoom is still one of my favorite platforms to record (that's a paid feature by the way) podcast interviews on, but I don't use it anymore for webinars. 

This is what I've learned in the past couple of years hosting webinars and some of the mistakes I've made.

  • RECORD THEM. Even if you said you aren't recording (to urge attendance). If it turns out flipping amazing then you have a live class to have on your site (hello email list sign ups!) or you could even sell it for a few bucks! RECORD!
  • My first webinar was on Zoom and it went pretty well. BUT,  I was devastated to learn that it didn't record...because I didn't pay to upgrade. Boo. I learned that the hard way. 
  • Make sure your slides are clean and simple. I'd rather you'd have 80 slides than 40 with a bunch of text on them and so would your students.
  • Send out reminder emails (don't go too crazy and annoy people). I like to send two on the day of the class. One three hours before class starts and one 5 minutes before class starts.
  • Give them an incentive to stay until the end.
  • Engage with them and ask them questions. 
  • BREATHE. Don't take yourself so seriously. I fly by they seat of my pants with them. I don't freak out and I don't even practice because that makes me nervous. Do what makes you comfortable and feel prepared. 

The best part about webinars is you don't even have to show that gorgeous face of yours. You can look like a complete mess, sitting on a laptop, hiding in your messy bedroom with the door locked and no one would know the difference!

The steps I go through to host a webinar:

  • Create a registration page. I create a cover page on Squarespace, link a form to Google Docs, and then load my ConvertKit when it's time to send out the first email.
  • Invite and promote on social media. Sometimes I'll buy ad(s) and sometimes I don't. 
  • Write a blog post that goes out the day of that promotes the class.
  • Make sure the reg. page link is on all of my social media accounts
  • Create a stand alone page for the webinar (I, once again, just create a new page on Squarespace)
  • Schedule a Live Event in YouTube
  • Embed on webinar page
  • Add any buttons or calls to action on the live page
  • Create emails that need to go out to students the day of
  • Write "after class" emails and attach recorded video

I created a checklist of everything I am currently using for webinars. I still don't pay for expensive software or anything really fancy. I just make sure to deliver valuable content and I have an end goal in mind every time I decide to host one.

Change the Way You Feel About Selling

Do you cringe when you get to the "sales" part of a phone call with a potential client? 

Do you feel like your personality switches gears and you become this weird late night infomercial? 

You actually don't have to sell when you're on the phone or sitting down with someone who could potentially pay you. Your goal during that conversation is to get them to ask you one thing, "HOW DO WE GET STARTED?" #bestquestionever So, how does that happen?

It all starts with your mindset.

You will not feed your ego with anxiety and negative thoughts. Your day will begin by you writing down what will happen. Seriously. Write it down.

For example, if you have 3 calls today that could bring in some great client work, you're ready for it, and you're really positive about the experience it will give you then write down, "I will book 3 new clients today over the phone."

You can even get specific and write their names!

Then write down all the clients that you have booked and share your gratitude for them on that same piece of paper. You gotta say thank you!

Think how amazing it will be to book these clients! Think about the feelings and emotions that would go through you and then carry those with you throughout your day. Walk around like you already booked them!

When you get on that call you're going to be so confident, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, easy to converse with that they will be asking you, "How do we get started?" before you know it!

How to Market Your Business Organically

When your budget is low or basically nothing, it can get a little intimidating when you start thinking about marketing. You feel like you need to become a Facebook ads expert and spend every hard earned penny on them. There's so many other places that are tempting to spend money on advertising too like Google, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Where do you start and where do you stop?

You need to first start from the very beginning. I know, what a concept huh? This is what usually happens: you start a blog, write some posts, pay Facebook to "boost" the posts, and then wonder why no one is coming to your site. 

Or this scenario: you create a digital product or course, buy some Facebook ads, and then the conversion rate totally stinks. 

What the heck huh? Why isn't anyone stopping over and buying? 

Because you completely skipped over a GIGANTIC piece of building yourself up organically.

If you can identify with this then let me ask you this, when you purchased your Facebook ads what type of audience were you paying Facebook to market too? Did you just take a shot in the dark/throw money away? It didn't quite work the way you thought it would right? Know why? I do!

Because they don't know you and they don't know how awesome you are.

You just hopped right out there asking for money before introducing yourself, building a relationship, and cultivating it into something rich and long-lasting.

Do you see where I'm going with this? You are rushing your relationships. You're paying people to like you when you don't even know if you'll be good for each other. You need to go way back and figure out who those people are. How do you do that then? Glad you asked.

Start out by taking a look at the audience that you do have. You know the ones that interact with you via social media, emails, and blog comments. Write down what they all have in common and get to know them.

Here are some other things you could think about and do:

  • ask your biggest interacting readers/communicators if they would like to hop on a call with you so you could pick their brain. Ask them about their biggest pains and struggles and what they wish they could get help with now.
  • take a poll via social media. Maybe you have Facebook group you could ask or inquire on your Facebook page and just ask basic questions about your audience. People love to give information about themselves. This could get some great discussions going.
  • take a look at your most popular blog post. Can you create more blog posts/freebies that bounce off of that post? Can you revive the post to get it more exposure by creating a new content upgrade for it? People are really interested in what you have to say. Don't ignore your greatest hits! Use them!

There are so many ways that you can grow your business organically and I believe that this is the best way to start because you will never really know who needs you unless you get in there, get dirty, and find out for yourself. Then as your business grows, your income will grow and you'll be able to finally start paying for marketing that actually PAYS because you know exactly who they are and what they need from you.

How to Sell More Digital Products

When I first started my online business I admired other bloggers who had a plethora of digital products.  I fantasized about having a product suite that everyone could come to and find something they needed. I wanted to help everyone. I soon found out a few things...

After I spent night and day at the computer for months creating as many digital products as I possibly could I was not only burned out, I was pretty unsuccessful. I had over 6 digital products on my site (that's a lot in this space) and nothing was selling.

All that work. For nothing.

After a while I finally came to my senses and realized a few things and I made some big changes:

  • I took down all of my digital products
  • I narrowed down my focus of expertise
  • I learned how to properly launch a  product
  • I got to know my audience more through list building, holding live workshops, and networking

These were pretty drastic changes for me because I spent so much time creating these products. They were my babies. I had written out the email sequences and everything! 

I was really scared to narrow down my focus too because I thought that would make me sound less knowledgeable. Which is the wrong way to think completely. By narrowing down your focus shows your audience that you know your stuff! I always say, "you're not WalMart. You can't sell everything. 

I then invested in myself and learned how to properly launch a digital product/course. When I first created my products I didn't do a launch whatsoever. I made them, stuck them on my website, and expected the sales to come ringing in. After I learned the proper way to do it that's when things started to change!

List building was the most important piece I incorporated. I started working really hard at providing value, creating blog posts that I knew my audience needed, and started building relationships. 

My list grew fairly quickly and I knew that after a certain number I would officially launch my first course. 

When I finally hit that magic number, which was only 400, I launched my first "real"course, List Building Mania. 50% of my sales came from my email list and the rest came from promoting it on social media for FREE. I didn't sell any by advertising the first week, I just went with my gut and did it the way that I thought best and it worked.

This went against everything I thought I knew when I first started. I launched to small list, I only had one product on my site, and I didn't need to spend a bunch of money advertising. What a relief huh?

So, don't think you have to wait until you have a ton of product ideas, a huge list, and a huge budget to go along with it before you launch your first thing. It simply isn't necessary. The most important thing is to just get it out there and make it amazingly helpful for your customers. 

Why All Makers Need to Have an Email List

All is a strong word, but I really mean it. ALL makers need to have an email list. Last week we talked about email marketing for your handmade shop. And this week we're going to go a bit further into the topic. Why do I think all makers need a list? Let me tell you.

But first, if you haven't downloaded this nifty guide that'll show you how to design your emails with a checklist included click below:

If you're new here, you should know that I'm very big into List Building. So much that I even created a course about it!

I'm so passionate about list building that I've spent the majority of this year talking about it! I want everyone to be building their lists, but I have a soft spot for the handmade/makers/creatives out there. 

I know several creative business owners and I purchase from them as much as I can. With all of the purchases I've made in in the past couple of years I've received 1. Yes 1. Email from a handmade business owner. It just baffles me. 

I purchased multiple things through this shop because of her email marketing. She let me know when she was having sales, surprise discounts for her list only, and she had a blog I could follow.

This type of marketing really put a face behind the business. I felt like I was personally connected to her and I found myself wanting to support her. 

And that's what we all really want right? Support.

You don't have to drown yourself in work and promoting yourself on social media. You can just simply get started and go slow. No need to overwhelm yourself!

Think about your audience and your customers. What kind of information could you provide via email that they would gobble up? In last weeks blog post we talked about marketing and promoting your products, but this week I want you to think about providing value. If you have a blog then you will probably be good at this already. If you don't then think of your email list as your blog audience. Let's say you had an organic skincare line and you want to plan out 4 emails for the next month. Here are some topic ideas:

  1. 10 Ways to Get Super Soft Skin This Summer
  2. How to Protect Your Skin from Sunburn this Summer
  3. 5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil That You've Never Hear of Before
  4. Should You Change Your Skincare Routine Each Season?

I'm not deliberately shoving product in their face. I'm offering value with these posts/emails in hopes that I can build the know/like/trust factor with my readers. 

It's perfectly okay to link up your shop or products in the email, you just don't need to be salesy. 

I recommend sending 2-4 of these each month and keep the day and duration consistent as well. 

Also, don't worry if you don't have all the answers! You can link to other articles that you found helpful and point them in that direction too!  

Email Marketing for Handmade Shops

There are so many handmade shops online. The surprising part about their marketing plan is the majority of them do not do any type of email marketing. They simply rely on social media, new customers, and crossing their fingers on the repeat customer part. They are totally missing out.

I know the biggest reason why handmade business owners shy away from email marketing is time. I totally get it. They're busy creating products, packing them up, shipping, and everything else that comes with it. 

Imagine what your business could do with some email marketing?

Here's a scenario for you:

You start building your list by offering 10% off on their next purchase.

People give you their email address in exchange for 10% off.

They get an email with the special code and BAM they're on your list. (This is just one great way to build your list there are a ton more).

Your list continues to grow and grow.

Now it's time to think about marketing to these lovely people, whether they're customers yet or not.

Create a marketing plan that sends an email out once a week to your list. Your emails can be featuring one product or a collection of products that you are trying to sell at that time. 

The subscribers on your list start to really take notice. They see you so sporadically on social media that they're surprised and happy to hear from you. 

They start to look forward to your weekly emails, open every single one, and then the best thing happens...


So to accomplish this, you would just need to plan 4 emails per month. 4!  How many social media posts do you create a month? Way more than that right? 

Making your emails can be super simple too. Choose a look that reflects your branding, be consistent, and make sure you choose an email service provider that's easy for you to start with if this is new to you. I recommend starting with MailChimp. 

MailChimp has many great templates that you can use to design your emails. You can also use PhotoShop or Canva. I've used them all for myself and for clients. I would say my favorite, like usual, is Canva

What if you're not creative on the computer? No worries! I created a guidebook for you to get inspired and pick a look! So, be sure to download that and start creating and marketing! You will NOT regret it! 

When you get your email list started let me know so I can sign up and check it out!

How to Create an Email Course With Engaging Students

The thought of creating an email course can seem a bit daunting. But, they're actually very simple to create and the best part is is that they're VERY popular right now. Which means...LIST BUILDING on auto-pilot!

How to Create an Email Course with Engaging Students

Right now, everyone is looking to learn more online. When they come to your site they want to know more. If you could ask every person why they came to your site what do you think the biggest reason would be? 

What is their common problem? What pain are they trying to solve?

You have them on your site, now how do you get them on your list? Get them to sign up for a free email course! 

The best part about email courses is you get to show your expertise and value through a method of THEIR choice. 

So, how do you decide on a course topic?

1: Write 5-7 problems, struggles, and pains that your readers are dealing with. Think about the questions you get, popular blog posts, or you can even do a poll.  Do these problems and pains all coincide with each other? Do they have a common denominator? That can be your email course topic. 

2. Now take all of those problems (the 5-7 you just wrote) and start writing! Open up a fresh Google Doc and go crazy. Don't hold back on any info. This email course is your chance to show your readers just how knowledgeable you are in this field. Your goal is to be helpful and keep them wanting more from you every day.

3. This is why I love e-mail courses-they're so easy to put together! You just wrote ALL of that info, so now it's time to break it up into sections. Think about how long you want the course to be. 5 days? 7 days? Be sure it's appropriate to the length of your document. You don't want to do a 30 day course with one paragraph a day...

After you write all of the content for your course and have it broken out it's then time to hop on over to your email service provider and load the course. If you're using MailChimp (what I used to use) you would just set up an educational email automation. If you're using ConvertKit (what I use now) you would set up a sequence. 

You want your students to be engaging with you while you teach them lesson right? Grab the workbook below to get the best ways to keep your students engaged and AVOID UNSUBSCRIBES!

5 Ways to Book More Clients

If you're a business coach, the biggest thing on your mind is probably booking clients. When you're just starting out or you're in a slump it can feel like you'll NEVER get your first client. And then after you do get your first client and the excitement dies off, you wonder how you'll get your next one. And the next. And the next.

5 Ways to Book More Clients

It's a never-ending circle we like to travel. But, if you're doing the right things and you're giving it all you got then I guarantee that they will find you.

My first two high paying clients found me on Instagram and Twitter and I had a tiny audience of less than 100 people!

So, here are 5 of my favorite ways you can book more clients:

Be Super Helpful All of the Time:

First note that being super helpful does not require you to link yourself up every time you offer a piece of advice. That's a little tacky. When someone asks a question, be it on a forum, blog post comments, social media, etc. all you are going to do is...answer it. You're going to answer it and you're going to be friendly and super helpful. What happens when you do that? People want to know more about YOU without you telling them yourself. They're going to seek you out and find out what you're all about. So be prepared! Make sure your website is ready for potential clients and your social media platforms are professional because these are their go-to places.

Join Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are an incredible way to network and give your two cents (when asked). I've gotten a client within 1 week of joining a Facebook group all because I was the first to chime in with helpful advice. My favorite Facebook group right now is Online Business BFF's.

Show Up Every Day:

Don't stress out about being EVERYWHERE! You don't need to be everywhere. You just need to be consistent. If you blog once a week then keep doing it. If you post on Instagram 3 times a week then keep doing it. Think about where your audience and potential clients are and put yourself there. Being consistent shows them that they can count on you.

Write Blog Posts Your Clients Would Love to Read:

What do your clients want? What do they think they need? You should be able to pinpoint this right away. If you're stuck come here and I'll help you find your niche!

Join Pinterest Boards to Boost Your Exposure

My traffic has never grown so fast since I stepped up my Pinterest game. Joining boards that relate to your niche and promoting other pins is key to growing your exposure. I'd be happy to have you join our new board here!

Okay so now you have the 5 Ways to Book More Clients it's time you grab the Ultimate Guide to Booking Clients!

How to Earn Extra Income With Your Handmade Business

Owning a handmade businesses can come along with a lot of struggles. Like, not getting enough sales and lack of visibility.

They can also run into "good problems" such as:

  • more demand than supply
  • lack of time to create their product
  • fear of taking a break from their shop (whether it's for a vacation or personal time) and losing income

These are all highly stressful situations if your business is just a one person team. Everything piles on top of you and you're the only one that can dig you out. Not fun.

So, what do you do when you just want a break or you would love to have some passive income that you could count on? You think bigger and deeper. Here's how.

First, get in the right mindset. I talk about this all of the time, but EVERYTHING starts with mindset. Write down your why. 


What is your main reason for expanding your reach and making more sales at a passive income level?

What would you do with this extra exposure and money?


Think hard on these two questions and write down your answers. Seriously. Write them down. 

These are important to address first and foremost because you're telling your brain (and the Universe if you wanna get woo-woo with me) that you're ready for this growth and you know exactly what you will do when it happens.

Now you need to identify who and why this passive income product will be marketed too.  Will your passive income customers be the same as your handmade product customers or will they be from a completely different chunk of people?

Here's an example. Let's say you create organic skincare products. Your target customers are people who care about the environment, are conscious about what they put on their face, are women ages 20-35, and who love and believe in the power of essential oils.

You really could go a couple of routes with this. If you're going to continue to target your handmade product audience then think of what would ENHANCE their experience with you.

  • What would make their lives easier?
  • What could you create, that could be passive, that they would just have to have?
  • What else are they interested in?

Imagine they're shopping in a boutique.

  • What kinds of questions are they thinking to themselves?
  • What kinds of questions are they asking the sales associate?
  • What are they debating?

You could also start targeting a completely new audience. What if your business expertise was so valued that beginners would love to know how you started and how you run it?  Think of the people that come to you and ask you questions about how you did this and how you did that? Don't you wish there was an easier way to answer the same question all of the time?

I created a super awesome e-book for you that will give you a TON of examples of how you can earn extra income with your handmade business. And I promise you, these will not take up a bunch of time or cost a ton of money to do. You can definitely do all of them for free for sure. Passive income products just take time up front, require maintenance over time, and that's about it. No need to restock, worry about inventory, shipping, or taking time off.

Do you see where I'm going here? I'm taking you out of your cute, little handmade box and I'm showing you how to stand out so your life is easier and you can GROW. That's my main purpose and passion over here! You don't just have to do one thing if you don't want to. We're women, we're basically superheros. 



3 Things You Can Do Now to See Growth in Your Business

An extra boost or shot of adrenaline is needed once in a while especially when it comes to growth in your biz. Sometimes it's crazy busy, everything is moving along, and you can't keep up. And then the next minute you're dinkin' around Facebook wondering what the heck to do next. 

You feel like you're wasting time. And you are. You're not only wasting time, but you're wasting money too. So, I've put together a cheatsheet for you when it comes to those dry spells. And not only is it good for those stagnant moments, but the tactics I'll give you will work ANYTIME and ALL OF THE TIME. So, yeah. It's a must have. Print it and put it by your computer. 


>> 1 Network and collaboration - when's the last time you reached out to another human being online? It can be a pretty lonely world while you're running your business from your home office. But, it certainly does NOT have to be! 

>> 2 Write a blog post or article with a content upgrade. This is how you build your list people! Don't put in all of the hard work of writing a kick-butt article, make sure you get something in return! Create a content upgrade, get their email, and BAM list is increasing. Easy peasy.

>> 3 Recycle your work. Do you have a blog post, product, or article that is pretty popular with your visitors and you don't even remember the last time you fixed it up or recycled it? Take a look at this piece of work and see if you can add, change, or improve upon it. Take a look at your analytics too and check out the hot spots. You may be surprised! 

Go ahead and download this incredibly helpful cheatsheet (that breaks everything down for you.)

Happy working!

Why You Should Start Your Purpose Driven Business

It’s something you think about when you’re taking a shower in the morning. It’s something people are constantly getting your advice about. It’s something you love to talk about. Giving your knowledge and/or skills away for free has become a daily task for you.

And as you lather up your hair in the shower, you’re closing your eyes thinking, “I think I could really turn this into something.” And as you put your makeup on, get dressed, do your hair, eat, and head out the door you keep thinking of more and more ideas. More ways you could help people.

And then the day goes by as fast as yesterday. You’re sporadically thinking of new things and maybe you’re writing them down or putting them in your phone. The work day is finally over. You get home, feed your family, and do the evening to-do’s. You remember having all of these amazing ideas earlier and you tell yourself you’re too exhausted to dig deeper into them, much less actually START the business you were dreaming about just earlier that day.

This is what makes me sad. You’re giving up. You’re telling yourself that you don’t have enough time. Or that you don’t even deserve something for yourself. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me list the excuses and save you the trouble:

  • You don’t have any time
  • You’re not an expert
  • You don’t think anyone will notice or care
  • You feel like you’ll be neglecting your family
  • You think there is too much involved to get started
  • You feel bad for taking time for yourself
  • You’re not even sure where to start

Does starting a business take time? Yes. Yes, it does. But I’m wondering, will you have more time in six months? Or a year? More than likely no. No matter what you think you will probably have the same amount of time to dedicate towards building your business then as you do today.

It also starts with mindset. Everything starts with mindset. Until you realize that you have a special talent or knowledge that people could benefit from NOTHING will happen. You don’t have to a have a Master’s degree or years of experience. You just have to know what the hell you’re talking about.

Maybe you kick butt at keeping your house organized while working fulltime and raising a family and people are always asking you how you do it.

Maybe your friends and co-workers ask you how you manage homeschooling your kids

Maybe you’re really great at finances and bookkeeping. Or helping people through tough times. Or teaching them how to play an instrument, learn a software, sew, bake, organize, sing, go through a divorce, raise a child with special needs, explain your faith, eat healthy, exercise, take photos, write….

There is so much you can do. The question is, what’s YOUR thing?

Download the Nail Your Niche worksheets!

A purpose driven business seems pretty deep right? Like I used exercise, sewing, and organization for ideas and you’re thinking, “purpose driven?” And I say, “yes.” Anything that you do, that you are passionate about, that people compliment and ask you about is a purpose driven business.

A purpose driven business gives you a sense of, well, purpose. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning when you’re dead tired, keeps you going on those late nights when you’d rather be sleeping in your nice, warm bed.

You don’t have to be an expert. All you need to be is a few steps ahead of someone. They just want to know how to get from point a to point b. That’s all. They’re interested in your journey, your take on it, and what you would and wouldn’t recommend doing.

You don’t think that anyone will notice or care. I think a big thing for women is worrying about acceptance. Especially online. When you’re out there, you’re out there. It’s scary to dip your toes in the water. Especially when you hear crickets. I’ve come to realize and accept that not everything I do is going to be everyone's cup of tea. And that’s good. Because that is not my job. That’s not how it works. But you’ll never know what people love or don’t love until you give them something. You just have to start.

You feel like you will be neglecting your family. We can sit and criticize our parenting skills until the sun goes down. We will never feel like we’re good enough or that we’re doing as good of job as Susie is over there. Your family loves you and they will respect you when you tell them you need some time for yourself. Set some hours. Wake up an hour or two earlier. Stay up late. There are a million ways to fit in what you need to be doing to nurture your business. If you want it to really and truly work, you’ll make it work. I guarantee it.

You think there is too much to getting started. Is there a lot that goes into building a business? Yes. And you will be adding more to your plate as you grow and master what you do. But, that shouldn’t discourage you from getting started! Start writing articles, think of all of the ways you can help people. Map out what you want to do and set some goals. It’s so important to get all of this out of your head.

You feel bad for taking time for yourself. We are all so guilty of this. But, where is it written that we can’t have our own thing? I think you made up that rule. You must know that you deserve something for yourself. You deserve to have that quiet time. That time where your brain can really get to work and show you how magical it can be. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about this. This is important to you and that’s that!

You’re not even sure where to start. Start smart. Start simple. Don’t take on a ton of things at one time. Find out WHAT you will be doing, WHO you are going to help, and WHY.