5 Things You Need to Know About Growing Your Online Business

5 Things You Need to Know About Growing Your Online Business

Have you started your journey towards creating and/or growing your online business yet? Are you surprised at what it actually takes to make it? 

Being your own boss seems totally dreamy to everyone. But, know this, it's NOT for everyone. You know just as well as I do that there is no magic formula to get your business making thousands of dollars a month with the snap of a finger. I know that you know that. However, sometimes, I think the entrepreneurial spirit gets to us a little too much and we can get to the point where we feel we can just sit back and wait for the magic to happen because we've got the website up and Instagram is pumping out pictures. 

Let's break this down. Here are the 5 things you need to know about growing your online business:

#1 You have to know sales and marketing. Did you kind of think you would get out of this one because you are such a giving and kind person? :) You're in business to make some $ right? So, in order to do that. You have to, like....sell. And you have to know how to market to your audience. If this has you all flustered and feeling overwhelmed then it may be because you're not standing in front of the right crowd. Are you selling lipstick to 5 year olds? Probably not. Think about what you're selling and then put yourself in your followers/subscribers shoes and feel their pain. What do they dread every morning? What do they stumble and stress over? Are you providing "treatment or cures" for those ailments? 

#2 Are you the right person to be in this spot? If you've suddenly realized that your audience is not biting at what you're throwing out there it may be for one or more of these reasons:

  • They can't afford you 
  • You're not providing enough value for them to trust to buy from you
  • You're not giving them what they think they need
  • They may just not be the right people for you 

#3 You may need to retarget more than once.  Sometimes a girl sits in the wrong spot. She might have thought it was the perfect place to work and help others, but then she realized she had all the material for a group who didn't need it. Picture bringing all the test answers for a Chemistry exam to the American History class room. You may have the answers, but no one cares and no one can use what you have.

#4 Realize you have something to offer. Don't quit! Just because you had to pack up your stuff and move to the next "classroom" doesn't mean you failed. It just means you're getting closer and closer to the group of people who are freaking dying to hear and see what you have. The world is full of people who will totally and completely resonate, love, and get you. Just keep looking. The best part, while you're busy looking for them you're only going to get to know them better. And once you find them you're going to knock their socks off because you'll totally be speaking their language. How grand it'll be.

#5 KEEP LEARNING. Don't stop educating yourself. You don't know everything and you never will. If there's an area in your business that needs some love attention then find someone you can learn from. Find someone who's done it and model after them. Ask questions. Find a mentor. Sign up for classes, workshops, webinars, or calls. Become the authority and dominate.

BONUS: It just takes work. Stop waiting for your dreams to come true. That's annoying. You're just wasting precious time. Write down your goals and think how you can put each one into action. Be a well oiled machine. 

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