3 Things You Can Do Now to See Growth in Your Business

An extra boost or shot of adrenaline is needed once in a while especially when it comes to growth in your biz. Sometimes it's crazy busy, everything is moving along, and you can't keep up. And then the next minute you're dinkin' around Facebook wondering what the heck to do next. 

You feel like you're wasting time. And you are. You're not only wasting time, but you're wasting money too. So, I've put together a cheatsheet for you when it comes to those dry spells. And not only is it good for those stagnant moments, but the tactics I'll give you will work ANYTIME and ALL OF THE TIME. So, yeah. It's a must have. Print it and put it by your computer. 


>> 1 Network and collaboration - when's the last time you reached out to another human being online? It can be a pretty lonely world while you're running your business from your home office. But, it certainly does NOT have to be! 

>> 2 Write a blog post or article with a content upgrade. This is how you build your list people! Don't put in all of the hard work of writing a kick-butt article, make sure you get something in return! Create a content upgrade, get their email, and BAM list is increasing. Easy peasy.

>> 3 Recycle your work. Do you have a blog post, product, or article that is pretty popular with your visitors and you don't even remember the last time you fixed it up or recycled it? Take a look at this piece of work and see if you can add, change, or improve upon it. Take a look at your analytics too and check out the hot spots. You may be surprised! 

Go ahead and download this incredibly helpful cheatsheet (that breaks everything down for you.)

Happy working!