Editor's Note: How to start your online business when you have 100 ideas

How to start your online business when you have 100 ideas

If you Google, “start an online business,” you only get 961,000,000 results. The feeling of defeat makes it’s first appearance. How can there be so much information out there and yet, so many online businesses fail? Did you know that more than 90% of internet business start-ups fail? Now, that’s high. 

e.l.f. cosmetics

Does this 90% scare you so much you will go ahead and hit the “back button” on your idea? Or does it give you the “I’ll show ‘em” attitude? 

Ready to show em? First step: walk away from the Google. If you’re searching for something this generic, then you’re not in the right mind set. Unless you have time to search through 961,000,000 results...up to you. I have a kid graduating from high school in twelve years, so I don’t have time...

If all you know, at this very moment, is you want to start a business online, then that’s all I need to hear.

I’m guessing you have about 100 ideas swarming around in your head. Some popular ideas, and yours might be in there, include:

  • any type of creative business (jewelry, skincare, etc.)
  • life coach
  • blogger
  • fitness coach
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • business coach
  • consulting
  • digital marketing expert
  • *and many, many more

Do you see how generic these titles are though? So, even if you think you’ve finally figured out what you want to do online and you have one of these “titles” it may not be enough anymore. Maybe in 2009. But, not now. We need to do more. But, how?

First, you need take a good peak at yourself. If you want to be a business coach, then that’s great. But, go further than that. Ask yourself:

  • Who will you coach?
  • Where do they hang out online?
  • What struggles can you help them with?
  • What kind of people do they want to work with?
  • What goals do your ideal clients have?

And be incredibly specific with this. Don’t say, “I coach women who want to build their businesses. They are on Facebook. They struggle with building their business and they want to make more money.” Can you say boring? There is no way you can target such a generic crowd. 

More specifically, you could say, “ I help women who have families that they want to spend more time with; while building their own brand. She loves to take photos of her handmade products and post them on Instagram. She struggles with organizing and streamlining her business. She wants to spend more time with her kids and she doesn’t have 8 hours to sit and get lost on Facebook. She makes beautiful handmade products and wishes she could share them with the world.  Her goal is to be the “authority creative” in her area of business.

When you have “her” that specific, (and you can get even more into her avatar here), it makes it so much easier to communicate. By knowing yourself and using her language you will be able to create products and services that speak directly to her. When she can see that she’s in the right place and she gets the “where have you been all my life?” feeling; then you’ve done what you sought out to do: make an impact on women just like you. Think of all of the people who will feel relieved when they finally find you.