How to Run a Handmade Business

It’s been a dream of yours. To have your own craft business. To work from the comfort of your own home. You may have a full or part time job on the side, but you have your OWN business. And you love that feeling.  

But sometimes you question yourself. And you wonder if you’re running it the way a successful business should be. Just because you work from your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have structure. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some people can fly through their day by the seat of their pants, while others are much more structured or wish they were anyway.  

So, I put together a list (we love lists) for you. And you know what? I even created a free printable for you. After you read this, you can go ahead, download, and print them out so you can really get to work and maybe even print out some extras so you can give them as Christmas presents... No? Okay, well then, you can just use them then. 

Create and Craft


3 Daily Action Tips for a Successful Craft Business

(Now, I’m going to assume I don’t need to tell you to get up in the morning and shower. Right? Maybe that’s for another article...) 

Make a to-do list. (Free printable) 
I am HUGE on making lists. I’ll even make a list of things that I’ve already done-just so I can cross them off...That’s a problem I need to work through myself... Anyways. I recommend making your list every morning. Make it while you’re drinking your first cup of coffee. Or fifth. Now here’s the ticket. After you’re done making your list, I want you to circle ONLY 3 things that have to absolutely get done. No matter what. The rest of the items are not a priority and can be worked on after the top 3 are done. This way you aren’t overwhelming yourself. And checking off a task really gives a sense of accomplishment.   

Get online. 
You need to be careful with this because you can fall deep down into  the abyss of Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your fancy is. And when you finally “wake up or climb out of it” you realize you just wasted three hours looking at someone’s vacation pictures that you don’t even know. I’m right. Admit it. So if this happens to you too much, then you need to take control over it. Wasting time like this isn’t making product, it isn’t networking, growing yourself, or making you any money. So just stop it. Maybe you need a content calendar? Something that structures out your online portion of the day. You can get pretty flexible with these or you can be pretty stiff. Just be true to yourself. Don’t think you can’t post something online out of the blue anymore now, because it’s not on your “content calendar.” Out of the blue stuff (that makes sense) is great and your clients love that stuff. But, what you should most be concerned with is providing valuable content.  So if you need to go and write down "post to Facebook at 9 am," that’s great. If you need to go further and write down "post _____(tip, new product, blog post, etc.) on Facebook at 9 am,” then go ahead and do that. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s whatever works best for your business.  

Work time

Block out time for you to actually WORK. At this time of  day___ you will be making crafts. Because you most likely sell something that you (and maybe someone else that is employed by you or your kids/husband ) make, well, you obviously need to block away time to do that. Kind of a stupid step maybe? No. I don’t think so. I think so many people complain that they don’t have the time or the man power to make all of these things when they’re actually not strategizing how to best use their time every day. When you tell yourself, “Okay, from 9 to 12 I’m going to make_____.”Then that’s what you do and THAT IS IT. Don’t go popping in on Facebook every 10 minutes just to see... You’re not missing anything. Here, let me fill you in on what you missed. Yes, Julie just posted yet another picture of her cat and Cindy is still a drama queen. There. You’re all up to date. Now get back to work. 

So, there you have it. And I hope you print out the free worksheets and use them. Make copies of them so you can keep using them too. Being organized is a great way to be responsible with your time. Respect your business because when you do great things will happen. Guaranteed.