3 Additional Ways to Make Money With Your Handmade Business

Isn’t it fun to think that you could be making money while you’re sleeping? No, I’m not talking about sitting behind a table at vendor show. But when you’re actually sleeping. In your bed. And while you’re sleeping, your bank account is growing and growing. What a nice surprise to wake up to every morning.  

And you’re like “well yeah, Lindsay, I have an Etsy store” or “yeah, that’s what I have my website for.” And I’m going to say this to you-"You need to do more." You need to be everywhere. Everywhere. More. Everywhere. Get it? 

Are you rolling your eyes at me? Are you thinking, "like I have the time." Or, "how is that going to make me money?"

Okay, so just relax and listen. There are a few more avenues of promoting your products and your online craft business that you may not have thought of. You may even use them, but you may not be using them to the best of their ability. Calming down now?  

Create and Craft

Here are 3 more ways you can be promoting and generating more income from your creativity. 

1.Craft an E-Book
“What Lindsay? I’m not a writer!” Yeah, neither am I. My English teacher would puke if I handed my work in like this. FRAGMENT after FRAGMENT. And yes, you can write an E-Book. What topic or technique are you really good at? Do you specialize in a certain product that is difficult to work with? Write an E-Book! I’m telling you!  

2.Sell patterns
This can generate great passive income for your online craft business! Pinterest is a great place to show these off. People go crazy when pinning pretty things. Your patterns are pretty right? Or maybe you have really awesome printables that you’ve made and you haven’t even thought about selling them. Do it! Pin the photo, link it to your shop, and ta-da! #successfulbusiness 

3.Sell tutorials                      
You have a special craft and a way of doing things. So why not share? For a price. You can do all kinds of sneak peaks on social media, like Periscope, for example, and then start offering online training classes of you making crafts, tips on how to start a home craft business, or a tutorial video series. 
These all sound pretty doable don’t they? They do because it is working off of things you already know. You’re a freaking expert. People love what you do. Show them how you do it. It’ll make your work more valuable and make the world just that much prettier.