12 Apps Every Ladypreneur Needs to Have

Don't you just wish that you could have a peek at what app's all the cool ladypreneurs are using?

While I don't claim to be very "cool," (I'm so cool, that I still use air quotes...) I do have some really great app's that I use almost every day and I decided that I should share them with you!

12 Apps.png

Alright, let's just get right to it, shall we?

Asana: This is an absolute lifesaver! Asana is a project management system. All of my daily tasks are laid out in a calendar format for me to easily check off, which I love doing! I also do a weekly brain dump and organize my thoughts and to-do's here as well. 

Another thing I love to use Asana for is creating business workflows. When I sign on clients, for example, all I need to do is refer to my client onboarding process to make sure that I am being consistent and thorough. I show all of my clients how I use it and how they can make use of it in their business as well. 

I love having this on my desktop as well because it gives me the full picture, which is always nice. I use this app several times a day! (I use the free version). 

Color Story: Ever wonder how you can get that beautiful and colorful photo that everyone seems to be posting on Instagram? Or what about that bright white background? A Beautiful Mess created this amazing app that will help you do just that. This is is a great tool that you can use to edit all of your photos! The filters are incredible and I love to play around with them. I paid to get all the extra filters, because..duh. :)

Setmore: I use this app (also on my desktop) for all of my scheduling. Clients book their discovery calls and power hours with me here. The app will automatically notify me that someone has booked a service and then the workflow continues on from there! It's really easy to create your services and I love how the calendar is laid out as well. I've tried many other scheduling apps and this is by far, my favorite.

Later: I've used this app for years to schedule out and post all of my Instagram content. I plan everything and load up my calendar on my desktop and then the app will send me a push notification when something is ready to post. It won't do it for you (so it's Instagram friendly), but it takes two seconds. I save all of my hashtags in there as well, so I don't have to scramble every time I post something. You can use it for free and plan up to 30 posts per month which is a steal!

Storeo: LOVE THIS! This app makes posting Insta Stories so much easier! You can take a video of yourself in one shot and then it will splice it up for you to post to your story! I don't know about you, but I hate it when I'm talking and the little circle runs out and then I forget what I was saying...and I end up looking silly. This app makes you look like a #instastorypro.

Zoom: I use Zoom for all of my webinars, client calls, and power hours. Most of the time I run it on my desktop, but the app works just the same. I have the paid version because I record all of my calls and give them to my clients to keep.

Wordswag: This is a great tool to use when you want to create a really awesome looking infographic! 

Mailerlite: I use Mailerlite for my email service provider and I love popping into the app to check on my automations and subscribers. It has a very clean layout, which I'm totally into.

Voxer: Who didn't play with walkie-talkies when they were little? This is a great communication tool that I use to keep in contact with clients. I want them to know that while we work together I am at their fingertips. Sometimes it's better and easier to say things rather than text or email.

Google Drive/Sheets/Docs: I put these all together because they belong to the same family. I use Google for everything. It is so nice to use the app and know that all the information is saved automatically and it syncs up to your work that you may be doing on your desktop. I use Google Drive to store all of my work and to share files with clients.

Mirroring: I love using this app when I'm doing a training for a client or a webinar and I need to show them my phone screen, while I'm using it, on the desktop. It will mirror what I'm doing on my phone and push the image to my computer screen, which makes teaching and learning super easy and interactive!

She Reads Truth:  This is not work related, but very important. I try really hard to read a bit from the Bible every day. Sometimes life gets hectic and I'm not able to open it up, so having this app really helps me stay grounded and committed to continuing my spiritual journey with God.

There you have it, my loves! Tell me which apps you're going to download and also tell me which apps you couldn't live without!