For the daring and creative woman like you who has amazing things to say and wants to start her amazing blog on Squarespace.

This course was designed with you in mind. You're the creative woman who has been toying around with starting a blog forever. You no longer have to wonder where you need to start because I'm here to take you on an amazing journey from start to finish. I'm holding your hand the whole way!


Blog Accelerator

What would it feel like to:

  • Finally do what you've been saying you'll do...start a blog!
  • Have a place where you can share your knowledge and work with people
  • To have an amazing website you're totally proud of
  • Feel like you're moving closer and closer to your dreams
  • Have a website that you built on your own
  • Make money from home with your blog
  • Start your blog the right way and learn from someone who has built several of her own and several for her clients
  • Not have to pay a professional thousands of dollars to do the work that I will teach you
  • Have a beautiful setting to house your business
  • Build your business and get more exposure to brand new audience 
  • Connect with other bloggers and develop amazing friendships

It's all possible with my blog accelerator course!

Blog accelerator
I’m so glad I found Lindsay Maloney and her Blog Accelerator course! Before starting this course I had spent roughly two weeks trying to figure out how to design a website on Squarespace that fit my needs and reflected my personality. I had to learn everything by myself and by everything I mean the basics that would get my website up and running. This course taught me so much about how to design a cohesive and impactful website and it was extremely easy to follow. Lindsay breaks down everything in a step by step plan that makes sense and quickly shows results. This course was great because you can work at your own speed whether you’d like to work through the course at a fast pace or take things slow. I found her insights and information extremely valuable and I’m so happy I found this course. :)
— -Hanna S.

Here's why I created this course:

  • I know what it's like to have so many ideas and want to start a blog, but have no clue where to even begin

  • I know what it's like to look at other blogs and drool over their branding and content and wishing you could be just like them

  • I know what it's like to wonder how other bloggers make it look so easy.

Blog accelerator

And I also know what it's like to:

  • Love absolutely everything on my blog because I've built it with my own 2 hands
  • Have a place where I can sell my courses and make passive income (make money while I sleep)
  • Help others with my content and know that I'm serving my ideal audience
  • Know my blog will resonate with my ideal customer (we just click right away!)
  • Have an amazing website where future clients will choose to work with me



Now it's your turn!

  • You know you are meant to do more
  • You have so much to say and need a place to express yourself
  • You want to create a community of like minded women
  • You need a detailed step by step process
  • You're tired of Googling "best website platforms"
  • You have products you want to sell
  • You have a handmade business and you need another channel to market your products

The Blog accelerator course will cover:

This course has 22 training modules. Work at your own pace!

Blog accelerator
  • How to come up with a freebie idea and connect with an email service provider.
  • How to create a freebie and design a landing page.
  • How to come up with blog post ideas.
  • How to create titles that are SEO rich.
  • How to create blog post images and keep them organized.
  • How to load and schedule blog posts in Squarespace.
  • How to decide what you will blog about.
  • How to choose your Squarespace template.
  • How to properly complete the back end of your website.
  • How to connect your social media accounts.
  • How to purchase and connect your domain.
  • How to brand yourself and how to create a branding board.
  • How to make your website user friendly.
  • How to build out your navigation bar and it's pages.
  • How to map out your site.
  • How to create additional pages on your site.
  • How to start list building.
  • How to create a blogging schedule.
  • How to create your contact me page.
  • How to create your shop/work with me section.
  • How to create your about me page.
  • How to launch your blog.

Total Investment $87


How do I access this course? After purchase you will receive additional instructions on how to access your modules in Teachable. There is no cost for enrolling in Teachable and you can access it at any time. 

How long will it take me to finish? That is completely up to you. I designed the course so you can do one module each day and take weekends off to catch up. But, like I said, you can totally go at your own pace. Just do the modules in the order that I have them.

What if I have questions as I go? Email us at

Lindsay Maloney

Hello friend!

I am so excited you want to start a blog! I know you've been wanting this for a long time!

I remember setting up my first website 16 years ago in Summer school and thinking it looked so amazing! I'm totally dating myself here, I know! I wish I had a screenshot of it! But, I was so proud because I made it on my own.

Since then, I've created many, many sites for myself and for other businesses and clients. 

Having a fresh and beautiful site is so important because it's your businesses online home! It's where you make your first of many impressions to the online space. So, why not completely personalize and make it YOU!

You have amazing words to say and maybe even some products you want to sell. Why not choose the best of the best platforms to hold everything and learn from someone who has been where you are many times!

It is time for that blog to get started. No more daydreaming! Ready?