Lindsay Maloney

Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you're finding everything you need and more!

I am here because I saw a big need for courses and consulting from someone like me. I'm a busy mom of 3, I work full time from my home, and I run my business on the side. 

My story is different from all of the others.

  • I haven't quit my full time job.
  • I don't "hustle."
  • And I don't follow what everyone else does, because we're all unique and in different situations.

I started to see so many coaches out there prescribing this lifestyle of hustle and bustle with their high priced coaching packages and I knew that that wasn't what I wanted or needed.

As I grew my business I also knew that my readers and clients felt the same way.

Are you feeling the same way I used to? I used to wonder these things every single day:

  • How am I supposed to run a business with multiple children under the age of 7?
  • Is it okay to work just a few hours a day?
  • Does anyone else have a desk full of toys, diapers, snacks, and sippy cups?

Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you that this is all okay! You don't have to be perfect. Not even a little bit.

My mission is to provide you with all of the knowledge, guidance, and compassion that it takes to run a business from home.

Trust me. I've been there. I know how lost you may feel sometimes. I know how sometimes you just want to pull your hair out because you can't get something to look right. I know how it feels to have little people tapping on your arm, trying to sit on your lap, and talking your ear off while you're trying to write that blog post (that's due tomorrow.) I've been there and I'm still there!

So, know that all of my work that I have here, all of my courses, and one-on-one work with you will never be sugar coated or fluffy.  

I promise to always give you what you need, so you can be on your merry way to building your beautiful business! We can do this together!